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Sometimes You’re the Rubberband

Hey, producers and producers in the making,

Do you ever feel like you’re frustrated with where you’re at? Maybe even a little stuck? Perhaps you’re a busy body (like me), but lately, you feel like you’ve been standing still, even though you’re busier than ever! Even though I know we've all been reassured that feeling stuck is normal, it's more than that: it's part of the process to get from where you are to where you want to be.

Maybe I can reframe things for you? Instead of being stuck, you might just be the rubber band in a slingshot, feeling like you're going nowhere, or maybe even backward, but if you stick with it, BAM!, like a slingshot, you'll shoot forward as a result!

You might be in a place where all you need is a little push or something to set you up to launch. Check out this free resource, and see if it can help you get moving again!

We wear so many hats in our businesses as independent...

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Plant Many Seeds, But Don’t Watch Them Grow

I was recently notified that a song I produced and co-wrote was on hold for a Google ad! The paperwork was on the ad agency’s desk, the cat was in the bag, it was a done deal, and at the last minute, they decided to go with a big name artist instead. The payout would have been six figures. I mean, it was Google, and of course, that’s probably why they wanted to give the advertisement to an “artist” artist and not a production company.

Not gonna lie, it stung to hear that just a little bit because day-um... that was a close one! Did I cry about it? No. Did I wallow in despair for any longer than a brief second? No. Why? Because I never rely on ONE thing to move the needle in my business. Over the years I have learned that this is a NUMBERS game and you have to have multiple irons in the fire at all times!

This brings me back to a couple of years ago when my Soundbetter profile was on Fi-YA! I mean, I was booking at least 3-5 jobs a week and I got a little too...

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