Plant Many Seeds, But Don’t Watch Them Grow

I was recently notified that a song I produced and co-wrote was on hold for a Google ad! The paperwork was on the ad agency’s desk, the cat was in the bag, it was a done deal, and at the last minute, they decided to go with a big name artist instead. The payout would have been six figures. I mean, it was Google, and of course, that’s probably why they wanted to give the advertisement to an “artist” artist and not a production company.

Not gonna lie, it stung to hear that just a little bit because day-um... that was a close one! Did I cry about it? No. Did I wallow in despair for any longer than a brief second? No. Why? Because I never rely on ONE thing to move the needle in my business. Over the years I have learned that this is a NUMBERS game and you have to have multiple irons in the fire at all times!

This brings me back to a couple of years ago when my Soundbetter profile was on Fi-YA! I mean, I was booking at least 3-5 jobs a week and I got a little too...

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Episode # 44: 5 Skills You Need to Run a Production Company

In today’s episode, we’re going to talk about what skills you need to run a production company.

A production company is a company that allows you to provide services as a music producer.  This can increase your opportunities and revenue as a musician and can be a GODSEND if you’re tired of being put in a box as an artist!

Dive in to hear 5 skills you need to build your production company today! 

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Episode # 43: By the time you ARRIVE you'll feel like you BELONG- A note from my energy healer

Today I’m sharing some of the wisest words I’ve ever encountered from one of my first energy healers back in the day...  “By the time you ARRIVE, you'll feel like you BELONG...

Truer words have never been spoken and it took me years to realize what it actually meant! 

In this episode, you’ll learn

  • Why making dreams big and unachievable pushes them away
  • When you do the work, opportunities are the results
  • The difference between a DO-it Dreamer and a Doh-Doh Dreamer
  • How to get noticed in a noisy market

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Why Your Talent is Holding You Back

Ahh… what a blessing it is to be naturally gifted.  Feels special doesn’t it?  Things come naturally…you learn faster than most.  It comes easy to you.  Sound familiar?   Then all of a sudden a new thing comes, a thing you’re not comfortable with, and you are enraged.  You quickly throw your hands up in the air huffing and puffing that you JUST CANNOT figure this out.  You even tried for a whole 5 minutes.   
“If I didn’t get this right away, I must not be meant to do this!!”  THAT is the curse of natural talent.  Natural talent has spoiled you. 
Here’s the thing….It is not the most gifted or talented that will win.  It is the person who works the hardest.  The last on the treadmill.   
I hear so many artists complaining that less talented artists are getting further than them as if talent is the only ingredient it takes...
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