Sometimes You’re the Rubberband

how to be a producer music business music marketing production Oct 12, 2021
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Hey, producers and producers in the making,

Do you ever feel like you’re frustrated with where you’re at? Maybe even a little stuck? Perhaps you’re a busy body (like me), but lately, you feel like you’ve been standing still, even though you’re busier than ever! Even though I know we've all been reassured that feeling stuck is normal, it's more than that: it's part of the process to get from where you are to where you want to be.

Maybe I can reframe things for you? Instead of being stuck, you might just be the rubber band in a slingshot, feeling like you're going nowhere, or maybe even backward, but if you stick with it, BAM!, like a slingshot, you'll shoot forward as a result!

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We wear so many hats in our businesses as independent artists. We are our own manager, accountant, booking agent, engineer, editor, promoter, and now some of us are self-producing our own records. You name it, we do it all.

But there are also seasons we have to take into account.  

The most exciting and rewarding ‘season’ is probably launched mode. This might be releasing a new record or a single! It might be getting ready to hit the road on tour or even all of the above. You might even be releasing your own online course. It’s very exhilarating and you see immediate results from the work you’re releasing. You get to engage with the comments and likes on social media, you get to watch your sales flow in, and you may even get to engage with your audience live. It’s pure instant gratification.

And sometimes you’re in rest mode where you just unplug & recharge your batteries.  This might include a cleanse from social media, checking email, and working on your music. I think this is totally healthy and necessary for most creatives, even though I think many of us struggle with this. I love working so much it actually stresses me out to take time off, but I’m sure I could use some more of it, ha!  What about you?

Then sometimes, sometimes you’re the rubber band.

What the heck do I mean by that? I mean you’re working your tail off but not necessarily seeing the rewards right away. This could be anything from the writing process that goes into making a record, to building a business or an online course, or even taking an online course as a student!

While you’re not moving forward, you’re certainly not standing still, but it feels like you are and it can be frustrating. You’re putting in the time and grinding, but not seeing the instant results and that makes it feel like you’re stuck, even though you’re not.  Because, again, sometimes you’re the rubber band, you’re in the slingshot. All that work you’re putting in is slowly building potential and energy, and it feels like you’re going nowhere; $h!t, at times it feels like you’re going backward, but if you’re doing the work then fear not! Once the time is right that slingshot is going to release and you’re going to fly forward at lightning speed equipped with all your new tools in hand. 

Everything you’ve been doing, all the hard work you’ve put in, it’s all part of that process, and as my mentor always told me, “trust the process.”

Maybe you’re not stuck, maybe you’re just the rubber band.

I hope this helped to shed new light or has shown you a new perspective on your current frustrations. If it did, would you mind giving this a share with a few of your friends? Who knows, maybe it’ll help them out too!

I hope you have a great week and keep on keeping on!

Remember, trust the process!