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How I Journaled My Way to Success

How I Journaled My Way to Success

By: Kris Bradley

I still remember the first time I went out in public carrying a guitar case.

I was 14 years old and I was taking a bus to meet up with a friend.

As I walked onto the bus, I couldn't help but notice people staring at me.  

Some of them smiled, some of them nodded, most looked at my curiously, as though I was an interesting...

Now, I knew that I had JUST learned how to play guitar, and I really wasn't very good yet…

But to my surprise, as people asked me who I was and what I did, the words "I'm a guitar player" just fell out of my mouth.

It was the first time I said the words "I'm a guitar player"...

...and while it felt a little audacious in the moment for a girl that only knew 2 Jewel Songs, and a quarter of "Stairway to Heaven", it also felt really good to say.

"I'm a guitar player".

As I said it, I felt an identity shift  inside of me - which came with a major boost in confidence.

I was no longer "aspiring"...

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There Are No Shortcuts

Have you ever seen the meme of the iceberg poking out of the ocean and it says something like “what people see” and then you look below the surface where its roots obviously stretch miles & miles into the depths of the ocean and it shows “the years of hard work underneath?” I love that because it really is so true! 

At some point, we have all wished for immediate gratification or a shortcut in life. A quantum leap. The truth is, it never comes. And every moment wishing for it, searching for it, or asking for “that break” is energy wasted that could have been put into doing the work!

Every success you see in somebody else, even if it appears to be overnight, has come as a result of a thousand little steps, not some overnight miracle.

And it’s funny because I’ve been on both sides of the fence.

I have been the inquisitive, young, hungry, energetic, ambitious, and determined student asking the mentor “but c’mon, like...

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How Your Talent Is Holding You Back From Succeeding With Your Music

As musicians we often think the path to success is simple; we just have to be better than the other person, better than the other people in line, better than the rest of the choices, and we'll make it. The truth, though it's uncomfortable, is that the less-talented guitar player is going to get hired for the session sometimes and the less-talented vocalist will get that cut.

The thing that separates you from the crowd isn't always going to be talent. Being good at your craft is a prerequisite nowadays and the way to get ahead is to put yourself out there effectively and to take control of the business that is YOU.

The people hiring musicians for remote sessions don't want an artist who needs their handheld when sending .wav files and they won't sign a contract with someone who doesn't know what a PRO is. They're going to choose the musician who has their act together!

The good news is, it's easier than ever to OWN our businesses and treat them like one! Learn what's going on behind...

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"But...What Are You Going To Do For Money?!"

It’s nearly the end of September and I am just NOW getting my taxes done! I’ve been so swamped with projects (coupled with the fact that I can’t actually ‘adult’ most of the time) I asked my CPA to file an extension. To be honest, I’ve been so busy over the past year that I hadn’t been keeping track of my income. I just bought a bunch of new gear, and have been outsourcing musicians more than usual, so I knew I had to cover my ass with my expenses. 

To my pleasant surprise, my accountant’s first words were; “Well, you’ve made quite a bit more than last year….about 20k more, so that’s good.” My eyes went wide. I looked down at the paperwork, and there it was... The number stuck out to me, not because it was big, but because it surpassed the most money I had ever made at a “real job”.  

This brought me back to 4 years ago… when I was barely scraping by with my occasional...

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