Episode # 46: 3 Things You Can Do To Start Using Synths Today - (Even if You Don’t Know What You’re Doing) With Dean Palya from Slate Digital

Have you ever been “in the flow”, spouting ideas in your DAW as fast as you can record them? Feels great, right? But then maybe you heard a sound in your head that would be awesome, and the next thing you know, it’s 45 minutes of messing with your synth later, the flow has slowed to a bare trickle, and your muse has packed up and left for a cooler party somewhere down the street… If that sounds familiar, then you’ve got to hear today’s episode!

Today, I am sooooo excited to have Dean Palya from Slate Digital as my special guest! 

He’s going to show off their new, super cool synth, ANA 2 ULTRA. But he’s not just going to make some bleep-bloops and leave us to figure it out on our own!  We’re going to dive into 3 SIMPLE things you can do to start tweaking synths TODAY.  You’ll even learn how you can get ANA 2 Ultra as part of Slate’s All Access Pass FREE for 30 days!!

Dean is the VP of Product at Slate...

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Why Your Talent is Holding You Back

Ahh… what a blessing it is to be naturally gifted.  Feels special doesn’t it?  Things come naturally…you learn faster than most.  It comes easy to you.  Sound familiar?   Then all of a sudden a new thing comes, a thing you’re not comfortable with, and you are enraged.  You quickly throw your hands up in the air huffing and puffing that you JUST CANNOT figure this out.  You even tried for a whole 5 minutes.   
“If I didn’t get this right away, I must not be meant to do this!!”  THAT is the curse of natural talent.  Natural talent has spoiled you. 
Here’s the thing….It is not the most gifted or talented that will win.  It is the person who works the hardest.  The last on the treadmill.   
I hear so many artists complaining that less talented artists are getting further than them as if talent is the only ingredient it takes...
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