Episode 2 - Don't let THIS hold you back from kicking ass in 2020!!

Perfectionism is procrastination disguised as productivity.   Don't let the myth of "one day when I finally have the gear...." stop you from taking action now with your music!

**Please forgive the kitty cat podcast bomb at 2:31 :) 

Want to build your home studio and not sure WHERE to start ?  

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Have you ever caught yourself saying things like… “When I have the money I will…” or “When the timing is right I will….”

How about….when I can afford the right gear I’ll be able to make great music.

It’s always fascinated me how we can be so wired to argue for our limitations. Why...

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Episode 1 - Yes...You Can do All the Things

Welcome to the first episode of Produce Like a Boss!

In this episode, I talk about the juggling act of writing, performing AND producing your own music!

Doing ALL the things at once can be a bit overwhelming when you're wearing multiple hats, especially when you’re still developing and mastering those skills separately, but it doesn’t have to be.

In this video, I talk about how you CAN do ALL the things without losing your mind. 






Here's a link to the Free Producer's Toolbelt I created for you! 



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Why Your Talent is Holding You Back

Ahh… what a blessing it is to be naturally gifted.  Feels special doesn’t it?  Things come naturally…you learn faster than most.  It comes easy to you.  Sound familiar?   Then all of a sudden a new thing comes, a thing you’re not comfortable with, and you are enraged.  You quickly throw your hands up in the air huffing and puffing that you JUST CANNOT figure this out.  You even tried for a whole 5 minutes.   
“If I didn’t get this right away, I must not be meant to do this!!”  THAT is the curse of natural talent.  Natural talent has spoiled you. 
Here’s the thing….It is not the most gifted or talented that will win.  It is the person who works the hardest.  The last on the treadmill.   
I hear so many artists complaining that less talented artists are getting further than them as if talent is the only ingredient it takes...
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"But...What Are You Going To Do For Money?!"

It’s nearly the end of September and I am just NOW getting my taxes done! I’ve been so swamped with projects (coupled with the fact that I can’t actually ‘adult’ most of the time) I asked my CPA to file an extension. To be honest, I’ve been so busy over the past year that I hadn’t been keeping track of my income. I just bought a bunch of new gear, and have been outsourcing musicians more than usual, so I knew I had to cover my ass with my expenses. 

To my pleasant surprise, my accountant’s first words were; “Well, you’ve made quite a bit more than last year….about 20k more, so that’s good.” My eyes went wide. I looked down at the paperwork, and there it was... The number stuck out to me, not because it was big, but because it surpassed the most money I had ever made at a “real job”.  

This brought me back to 4 years ago… when I was barely scraping by with my occasional...

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