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✅ “I’m just waiting for the right time”
You’re waiting for the right gear, the right song, and the perfect moment to act, so you do nothing.  You’re frozen in your own perfectionism, which is just procrastination disguised as productivity.  You’re more comfortable daydreaming than taking action, and it’s costing you years of your life.
✅ “I still have more to learn”
You’re drowning in the youtube rabbit hole, taking tons of online courses and not implementing anything you learn, but getting addicted to consuming information . Not only that, you’re trying to learn about things you don’t have the ability to execute on if you don’t control your masters (i.e. getting music into film/tv, getting songs on spotify playlists, etc
✅ “I don’t have the money to invest in my business”
You’re trying to save and cut costs on things that can actually boost your revenue, like outsourcing, hiring an assistant, upgrading your software, and mentorship.  This is a scarcity mindset, and as long as this is your reality, your reality won’t change.  All businesses require an investment, whether it’s your time and energy, or money.  If you want to make money as a producer, you are a business.
✅ “Who am I to charge for my services?  I just love the art”
You’re suffering from what’s called “imposter syndrome” where you don’t feel worthy of charging for your services as a musician, perhaps because you don’t think you’re good enough, or perhaps because you feel guilty getting paid to do what you love.  Charging for your services feels “dirty” or “salesy” and it’s your least favorite part of making music

If any of these applied to you, you could be stuck in the starving artist/producer mindset!

The BOSS Producer knows that in order to
be successful, they can’t just produce music.



 BOSS Producers understand that in order to be in BUSINESS they
must be in SERVICE, and believe that doing what you love
while serving others is the greatest gift you can give the world!

Kris Bradley
“Goals Are Just Dreams With a Gameplan,
When You Apply ACTION to Those Goals, You Achieve Results”
Founder and CEO of Produce Like A Boss and
BoomFox Productions

If you’d like to learn how to turn your home studio into a full time business, this course will show you how.

Here’s my  story:

My name is Kris Bradley, and I work with a variety of people from independent artists and songwriters to labels and TV networks.

Today, I have a production company with hundreds of sync placements, and over 300 clients in 30 different countries, worldwide (including Sony, Warner Chappell, Fox, Miramax, Lincoln, and USA Network). 

And since most of my clients work with me remotely, I make a full-time living from music, working from home.


I learned how to produce out of sheer necessity when I first started about 10 years ago.  As a songwriter, I couldn’t afford to hire producers to record my songs, so I decided to take it upon myself to learn!  Once I got pretty decent at producing, I saw an entire world of opportunities open up to me. 

At first it started with doing vocal session work on other people’s demos and producers hiring me to topline to their tracks.  But as my production chops grew, I found even MORE opportunities like getting my music into Film/TV, and producing singles and records for other artists, leasing beats, and even doing custom songs for brands with bigger budgets!   Sounds like a dream right?  It was!  Well, sorta… 



You have to be able to FIND new clients, manage your projects, have professional correspondence with clients, and have systems for automating your workflow, and managing your files.  Sounds sexy right?  Oooh la la, spreadsheets….

The fact of the matter is this.  If you don’t handle yourself like a business, you won’t be able to find or KEEP paying clients.  There are tons of people with music projects all over the world that need producers, singers, instrumentals, and beats, AND they’re willing to pay for it, but you have to handle yourself like a BOSS Producer and not a starving artist. 

⛔ Have never produced a song before


⛔ Don’t want to make a living as a producer, session singer, or musician


⛔ Do not have a growth mindset


⛔ Are stuck in the “old music business” which tells you that you need millions
of fans to be a success


⛔ You think talent is the only requirement for success


⛔ You’re a “dabbler”


⛔ You’re looking for a get rich quick scheme
✅  Already know how to produce, and want to learn how to make pitchable, placeable, profitable music


✅  Want to make money as a producer, beatmaker, session singer


✅  Are ready to start a business from your home studio


✅  Are multi-passionate and want to see how you can put ALL of your creative skills together to run a profitable business

Learn how to turn your home studio into a well oiled machine that generates recurring revenue and paying customers with Home Studio Boss.


Step-by-Step training that guides you through the path from (unpaid) amateur to (paid) professional artist/producer

Resources, guide sheets, and action plans to help you reach your goals and get you generating revenue as a producer.
Monthly Tech Q&A Calls with Ben where you can get your questions answered about production, business, tech issues, and so much more!
Ongoing support in our private HSB community where you can post questions, music you’re working on, and get immediate answers and feedback from other members and our team.



Develop the right mindset to go pro from your home studio, so that you can get out of your own way and flourish as an artist/producer.


Produce tracks that SELL so that you can generate
recurring income


Assemble a producer’s TOOLBELT so that you become an unstoppable FORCE in the studio


Create systems so that you can automate your workflow


Create your DREAM team of collaborators with different skill sets, so that you can focus on YOUR zone of genius


Collaborate with top notch players that will bring
your track to the next level


Communicate effectively with clients so you can provide excellent customer service & keep them coming back for more


Hire your first assistant , even if you think you’re
not ready for one!


Find PAYING customers who want the services only YOU can provide, so you can build a thriving business!



Check out what other musicians just like you are saying about HOME BOSS STUDIO...


Now, the real question is….

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Here’s the good news about going PRO as a producer…

  You don’t have to put your hope in things like “blowing up on Spotify, YouTube, or Tik Tok” to try and make a living.
(did you know it takes almost 300,000 streams just to make $1000 on Spotify?! You can make that with ONE production client!)
  You can create multiple streams of income as a singer, songwriter, instrumentalist, beatmaker, and producer without chasing down royalty pennies.
(In the NEW music business there is MORE money than ever to be made UPFRONT by providing services rather than waiting on backend)
  You don’t need to be able to PLAY everything, or be a professional mix or mastering engineer… because...
  They have a vision for where a project needs to go, and know how to get the results their client needs.
  They understand that making great music is the starting point to going pro, not the end game.
  They know that SKILL STACKING (being a ‘jack of all trades’) and COLLABORATION are actually MORE valuable in today’s NEW music industry than being an EXPERT.


Once you kick the starving artist/producer mentality to the curb, you will finally get clear on what you need to do to run a successful business.

You’ll be able to focus on your creativity, and YOUR zone of genius, and build a business that you love….

A business that supports you, your family, and that runs on YOUR terms.

Once you start thinking like a BOSS producer, you’ll start acting like one too.


I’m going to show you exactly how to make the tracks that are generating money in my catalogue

See what's waiting for you inside
once you become a member...


(Just $1997 today!)


 Module 0: HSB Foundations
This module will lay out how we’re going to work together, and the best way to navigate this course. You’ll get a comprehensive tour of the entire course so you never get lost, and instructions on how to join our private FB community!

You will also have an opportunity here to “pick your own adventure” and select an artist action plan that lines up with your goals!
 Module 1: How to Step Into the Role of Home Studio Boss

You will learn what it takes to go PRO from your Home Studio! 

In this module you were learn…

  • What supplies you’ll need
  • How to set up a BOSS home studio
  • How to properly install your plugins 
  • Proper File management
  • How to study the market
  • The value of relationships 
  • How to leverage the talents of others to bring your productions to a competitive level!
 Module 2: Get YO Mind Right

You will learn the mindset it takes to turn your music into a business! In this module you were learn…

  • Why your DESIRE is your superpower
  • How to break through “the suck factor” when you’re first getting started
  • How to let GO and move forward on your songs
  • The important of quality vs. quantity
  • How to get MASSIVE Clarity on your goals
  • How to beat imposter syndrome
  • How to beat writer’s block
  • How to PLAN like a BOSS
 Module 3: Production

Kris teaches you how to crank out pitchable, placeable, profitable, productions!  She also takes you behind the scenes over several of her tracks that are currently generating money through sync and licenses in the online marketplace!

In this module you were learn…

  • What the role of a producer is

  • How to use metadata to create PROFITABLE music
  • The importance of Sound Selection
  • How to repurpose sounds
  • How to work your DAW like a NINJA
  • How to come up with  parts for your song
  • How to use loops creatively
  • How to use Komplete, Kontakt, Battery and the Logic Sampler
 Module 4: Vocal Production

Kris shows you everything you need to know to produce radio ready vocals. In this module you were learn…

How to process all of your vocals including

  • Lead Vocals
  • Doubles and Stacks
  • Background Vocals and Harmonies
  • Adlibs

 You will also learn how to

  • Clean up and edit vocals
  • How to tune vocals
  • How to automate vocals
  • How to create the PERFECT vocal chain
  • How to pick the RIGHT reverb and delay
 Module 5: Mixing

Discover how to mix your track so that it’s balanced and dynamic. In this module you were learn the fundamentals of mixing including

  • EQ 

  • Compression
Reverb / Delay
Parallel Compression
 Module 6: Mastering
In this module, you will learn how to master your track so that it’s radio ready.
 Module 7: Remote Collaboration

Kris shows you the ins and outs of working with musicians remotely.  Working from home is the NEW NORMAL, you must learn how to collaborate with musicians digitally!

In this module you will learn how to …

  • Communicate with others during remote collaboration 

  • Send files and receive files 
  • Properly export stems 
 Module 8: Building Your Business

Kris gives you the A-Z on how to set up your production company!  In this module you will learn how to set up your business assets including:

  • Portfolio
  • Website
  • Contracts
  • Business entity

You will also learn all about project management AND how to hire your first virtual assistant, even if you think you aren’t ready!

 Module 9: Time to Make That Money Honey!

In this module, Kris shows you MULTIPLE online marketplaces that you can start generating recurring revenue TODAY as a Home Studio BOSS! You will learn how to generate money with your skills as a ….

  • Singer
  • Songwriter
  • Instrumentalist
  • Beatmaker
  • Producer
  • Mix Engineer
  • Recording Artist

Plus… if you join today, I’ll also include no less than

12 extremely valuable bonuses

you can’t find anywhere else, for any price, including:


($1997 Value) Ultimate HSB Producer Checklist

If you want to crank out placeable, profitable music FAST you do NOT have time to spend hours searching for the right sounds! That’s why I created the Ultimate HSB Producer Checklist. This is the MOTHERLOAD of producer resources! In this guide, you’ll find a list of all the common song structures, bpms, arrangements, instrumentation, plugins, libraries, and WHERE to find them. Not only that, it’s organized by GENRE.



($1997 Value) Home Studio Boss
Marketplaces Guide

Once you’ve created a catalogue of great music and gotten your systems in place, you’re ready to hit the pavement and start looking for PAYING clients! In this guide, you will find over 50 online marketplaces where you can start making money TODAY.

($497 Value) Mixing with Slate Plugins
with Dean Palya

Slate Digital provides some of the greatest production and mixing tools for musicians, producers and engineers. Not only have they provided new HSB students with a FREE 3 month trial of the all access pass, Dean Palya, the Director of Creative Projects at Slate has put together a mixing video of one of the songs I teach you how to produce in the course using Slate Plugins.🔥

($497 Value) Pop Vocal Production
& Ear Candy with Mitchell Austin

Mitchell Austin is a commercial music producer, multi-instrumentalist, songwriter with placements including: Volkswagen, White Claw, MTV, USA Network, ABC Freeform, Sirius XM, and NHL Network. He is hands down one of the most talented vocalists, producers, and session singers I’ve ever worked with. He’s put together a special Pop Vocal Production & Ear Candy training just for the Home Studio Boss Students.

($497 Value)Background Vocal Production
with KZ KOVA & Ivan LaFever

This power duo will leave you with your jaw on the floor between KZ’s gorgeous vocal stylings and Ivan’s wizardry in the DAW. Ivan is a multi instrumentalist and producer extraordinaire and KZ is a highly sought after vocalist and top liner. While they both work separately on a variety of projects, together is where the magic happens. You do NOT want to miss this background vocal production tutorial!

($497 Value) Tracking Guitar Like a PRO
with Mikey Meiers

Mike Meiers is an Emmy Award-Winning songwriter, producer, and guitar coach. Mike currently writes for indie artists, has had placements for MTV, VH1 NPR, FOX Sports, History Channel, Showtime, and Target. As songwriters, we can tend to play like...well, songwriters! In this tutorial Mikey Meiers from Songwriting for Guitar teaches you how to think, write, and play like a PROducer!

($297 Value) How to Grow on Tik Tok with Robbin Marx

Tik tok is quickly becoming the #1 content sharing platform in today’s market. Artists and producers are BLOWING UP when using it correctly. Robbin Marx is a Chrisitan Hip Hop Music Producer, rapper, and TikTok Coach for Musicians and in this training he’s going to show you how to use Tik Tok to GROW YOUR BRAND!

($497 Value)Composing a Sync Ready
Hip Hop Track with Bruce McKinnon

Bruce McKinnon Jr, known as BruceBeats, is a multi-instrumentalist & producer from Miami, FL with placement on Netflix, ESPN, FOX, Discovery Channel, FOX, and more. In this video, Bruce takes you behind the scenes of a hip hop track he recently placed with a library.

($297 Value) (LIVE WORKSHOP) Taxes and Business for Musicians with
Parker Stevenson from Evolved Finance

If you’re wondering about how to set your business, learn about write offs, and file taxes as a musician, you DON’T want to miss this live workshop! Parker Stevenson is the owner and co-founder of Evolved Finance (my personal bookkeeping agency). Not only is he SUPER knowledgeable about all things related to taxes and business, but he’s also a musician himself and loves giving back to our community!

($497 Value) Everything You Need to Know
About Copyrights and PROs with Ryan Waczek

Ever find yourself asking WHEN to copyright and register your music? And how to do it? Ryan from Indie Music Academy is here to talk everything PROs and copyrights!

($1997 Value) Lifetime Access
to the FB Group

If you’re looking for a community of like minded, badass musicians and producers, and ongoing support, you’re going to LOVE our private FB community!

($997 Value) Monthly Tech Q&A calls
with Ben

You have questions, we have answers! Bring your questions on business, production, mixing, tech, and more to the monthly Q&A calls!

3 months FREE trial of the Steven Slate

So many people ask me what’s in my tool belt, what are some of the 3rd party plugins I go crazy for, and I don’t skip a beat when I say the Slate Digital All Access Pass is the cats pajamas when it comes to to producer tools!! With this pass you get to over 5,000 worth of pro plugins, synths, pro demo sessions in hip hop, rock, and EDM and amazing step by step walk throughs with pro producers, easy to follow tutorials, and custom samples. Not only that, a lot of their software is modeled off of vintage analogue gear that give your tracks that pro polish and shine. You’re going to get THREE MONTHS FOR FREE when you sign up for Home Studio Boss.

Free 1 month trial of Master Writer

Master writer a songwriting tool that is used by some of the worlds most successful songwriters including Gwen Stefani, Rob Thomas and Trent Reznor. Get 1 FREE month with Master Writer when you sign up for Home Studio Boss!

Midi Money Million Dollar
Beatmaker Training

In this training, you will discover the NEW model of selling beats online that made Legion Gabe over ONE MILLION dollars in BEAT SALES!!

($597 Value) Composing a National
Car Commercial with Steve Carter

Steve Matthew Carter is a media composer working within the advertising/TV and film industries. Steve's advertising placements include spots for brands such as Honda, Dannon, Coty, Pureleaf, Samsung and more. Watch as Steve breaks down his indie rock track that was placed in a national car commercial! (spoiler alert, he was given 8 hours to complete this brief and LANDED the placement!)

($997 Value) Access to VAULT

Access to a VAULT of ALL Produce Like a Boss Q&A’s, live trainings, workshops, interviews, and more!


I created HOME BOSS STUDIO to be the fastest and easiest way for you to go from starving artist to a thriving, income-generating songwriter-producer in this exciting digital playground!

AND I also created it to be the most supportive. That’s why I am throwing in 8 weeks of LIVE training and coaching with me.

Got a question? Stuck in a certain module? Not clear how to implement? Not sure if you are moving in the right direction? The coaching sessions are exactly for these discussions. I GOT YOU COVERED!


We want YOU to be our NEXT Case Study!

No questions asked.  No guilt.  100% money back guarantee.

I don’t expect you to want a refund, as this course can save and make you thousands and thousands for the rest of your music career. BUT if you do, I will happily send you your money back, no questions asked and no need for apologies. 

Please just keep it within 7 days as my credit card processor doesn’t go for open-ended guarantees.

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