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Want to learn how to produce your music?   Or how to turn your home studio into a business and some making money honey?

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Yes I'm Ready to Produce Like a Boss!

Hi, I’m Kris Bradley!

Procrastination-crusher, business musician-builder, and creator of songs that make impact and make money.

I'm also the founder of Produce Like a Boss, a 6-figure musician, and a producer business coach. 

I teach musicians how to produce their own music from home, and how to build a business as a freelance musician/recording artist.

My music has been featured on Fox, USA Network, Freeform, Samsung, Miramax, Lincoln, and I've been commissioned by over 700+ clients worldwide...🌏

But it wasn’t always this way 

For years I struggled to make a living as a songwriter, doing everything from touring, to bar gigs, to bartending, to playing on the streets as a “busker”.

After nearly blowing my voice out from all the constant gigging (and screaming over loud rowdy bar crowds to take drink orders), I realized, this lifestyle was NOT sustainable, and I turned to producing from home so I could have more control over my music, and find other ways to make money that weren’t so exhausting! 

But here’s the deal….

Learning how to produce was extremely challenging for me as I’m the LEAST tech-savvy person you’ve ever met …

So I’d spend hours going down the YouTube rabbit hole, pulling my hair out troubleshooting even the most BASIC stuff, like not being able to hear my mic or guitar… 🥴

All I wanted was a step-by-step system for HOW to actually produce my music, but I never found one, so  I’ve created the very step-by-step training I was looking for all these years.

If you're a singer-songwriter that's ready to learn how to produce your own music, I'm yo' girl because...

I’m a singer who “gets” producing from a “songwriter’s perspective”, and my specialty is simplifying and demystifying music production.

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She landed her first placement with a major library after only 7 months of producing!


She started making money before she even finished the course! 😱


Aimee Francis

FoxHaus Music

Here are just a FEW of Aimee's wins since joining Home Studio Boss!
  • Getting hired regularly for session work
  • Placed a song in a video game
  • Getting hired for dozens of custom songs!

Check out Aimee's Success Story Here!

Derick Sebastian

Sounds of Sebastian Publishing

Here are just a FEW of Derick's wins since joining Home Studio Boss!
  • Hired a Virtual Assistant
  • Got 3 Albums Signed to a Library
  • Landed 3 songs in a Roxy/Quicksilver advertising campaign
Check out Derick's Success Story Here!

Aoife O'Leary

PoppyMoth Productions

Here are just a FEW of Aoife's wins since joining Home Studio Boss!
  • Getting production clients regularly
  • Landed 3 Film/TV Placements
  • Started  Production Company “Poppymoth Productions”
Check out Aoife's Success Story Here!

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Learning how to produce is 🔑 to getting more opportunities for your music, including breaking into the world of SYNC (Film/TV).

Here are just a few of Kris' placements.