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Who is Kris Bradley?


Kris Bradley is a songwriter/producer with credits including Sony BMG, Warner Chappell, Rolling Stone Magazine, Fox, Lincoln, and Miramax.  She heads Boomfox Productions, producing for various sync projects, artists and songwriters.   


Kris is the founder of Produce Like a Boss, which is an online coaching program geared towards the songwriter/producer, rather than the engineer.  Her ‘non-techy’ and simplified style of teaching is helping thousands of artists learn how to produce their own music.

How Kris helps her Students

Who is Kris Bradley?

I'm a full-time music producer, songwriter, session singer, cat mom and coffee lover.

I've been in the music industry for over 10 years now.  (Damn that's weird to say out loud!)

I'll be honest, at first,  I navigated the music biz like an octopus on roller skates--going nowhere fast, but busy AF!

Eventually I realized that I needed to take my musical destiny into my own hands and LEARN HOW TO RECORD so that I could create more opportunities and gain control of my masters.

Fast forward to today and I have hundreds of clients world wide, multiple songs cut by other artists, and multiple Film/TV placements.

Big my BIGGEST passion is helping other artists achieve their "ah-ha" moments, whether it be through learning the technical or business side of music production.

How Kris helps her Students


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She landed her first placement with a major library after only 7 months of producing!


She started making money before she even finished the course! 😱


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