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Bonus #1

Ultimate HSB Producer Checklist


If you want to crank out placeable, profitable music FAST you do NOT have time to spend hours searching for the right sounds!  That’s why I created the Ultimate HSB Producer Checklist. This is the MOTHERLOAD of producer resources!  In this guide,  you’ll find a list of all the common song structures, bpms, arrangements, instrumentation, plugins, libraries, and WHERE to find them.  Not only that, it’s organized by GENRE.  



Bonus #2

Home Studio Boss Marketplaces Guide

Once you’ve created a catalogue of great music and gotten your systems in place, you’re ready to hit the pavement and start looking for PAYING clients! In this guide,  you will find over 50 online marketplaces where you can start making money TODAY.

Bonus #3

Mixing with Slate Plugins with Dean Palya


Slate Digital provides some of the greatest production and mixing tools for musicians, producers and engineers.  Not only have they provided new HSB students with a FREE 3 month trial of the  all access pass, Dean Palya, the Director of Creative Projects at Slate has put together a mixing video of one of the songs I teach you how to produce in the course using Slate Plugins.



Bonus #4

Pop Vocal Production & Ear Candy with Mitchell Austin

Mitchell Kilpatrick is a commercial music producer, multi-instrumentalist, songwrite with placements including: Volkswagen, White Claw, MTV, USA Network, ABC Freeform, Sirius XM, and NHL Network. He is hands down one of the most talented vocalists, producers, and session singers I’ve ever worked with.  He’s put together a special Pop Vocal Production & Ear Candy training just for the Home Studio Boss Students.

Bonus #5

Background Vocal Production with KZ KOVA & Ivan LeFever

This power duo will leave you with your jaw on the floor between KZ’s gorgeous vocal stylings and Ivan’s wizardry in the DAW.  You do NOT want to miss this background vocal production tutorial !

Bonus #6

Tracking Guitar Like a PRO with Mikey Meiers

Mike Meiers is an Emmy Award-Winning songwriter, producer, and guitar coach. Mike currently writes for indie artists, has had placements for MTV, VH1 NPR, FOX Sports, History Channel, Showtime, and Target. As songwriters, we can tend to play like...well, songwriters!  In this tutorial Mikey Meiers from Songwriting for Guitar teaches you how to think, write, and play like a PROducer!

Bonus #7

How to Grow on Tik Tok with Robbin Marx


Tik tok is quickly becoming the #1 content sharing platform in today’s market.  Artists and producers are BLOWING UP when using it correctly.  Robbin Marx is a Chrisitan Hip Hop Music Producer, rapper, and TikTok Coach for Musicians and in this training he’s going to show you how to use Tik Tok to GROW YOUR BRAND!



Bonus #8

Composing a Sync Ready Hip Hop Track with Bruce McKinnon

Bruce McKinnon Jr, known as BruceBeats, is a multi-instrumentalist & producer from Miami, FL with placement on Netflix, ESPN, FOX, Discovery Channel, FOX, and more.  In this video, Bruce takes you behind the scenes of a hip-hop track he recently placed with a library.

Bonus #9

Musician Business for Taxes and Live Workshop with Parker Stevenson


If you’re wondering about how to set your business, learn about write offs, and file taxes as a musician, you DON’T want to miss this live workshop! 

Parker Stevenson is the owner and co-founder of Evolved Finance (my personal bookkeeping agency).  Not only is he SUPER knowledgeable about all things related to taxes and business, but he’s also a musician himself and loves giving back to our community!


Bonus #10

Everything You Need to Know About Copyrights and PROs with Ryan Waczek

Ever find yourself asking WHEN to copyright and register your music?  And how to do it?  Ryan from indie music academy is here to talk everything PROs and copyrights!

Bonus #11


Lifetime Access to the FB Group


 If you’re looking for a community of like minded, badass musicians and producers, and ongoing support, you’re going to LOVE our private FB community!



Bonus #12

Monthly Q&A calls with Kris and Ben

You have questions, we have answers!  Bring your questions on business, production, mixing, tech, and more to the monthly Q&A calls!

Bonus #13

3 months FREE trial of the Steven Slate ALL ACCESS PASS

So many people ask me what’s in my tool belt, what are some of the 3rd  party plugins I go crazy for, and I don’t skip a beat when I say the Slate Digital All Access Pass is the cats pajamas when it comes to to producer tools!! With this pass you get to over 5,000 worth of pro plugins, synths, pro demo sessions in hip hop, rock, and EDM and amazing step by step walk throughs with pro producers, easy to follow tutorials, and custom samples.  Not only that, a lot of their software is modeled off of vintage analogue gear that give your tracks that pro polish and shine.  You’re going to get THREE MONTHS FOR FREE when you sign up for Home Studio Boss.

Bonus #14

Free 1 month trial of Master Writer

Master writer a songwriting tool that  is used by some of the worlds most successful songwriters including Gwen Stefani, Rob Thomas and Trent Reznor.  Get 1 FREE month with Master Writer when you sign up for Home Studio Boss!

Bonus #15

Midi Money Million Dollar Beatmaker Training with Legion Gabe

In this training, you will discover the NEW model of selling beats online that made Legion Gabe over ONE MILLION dollars in BEAT SALES!!

Bonus #16

Composing a National Car Commercial with Steve Carter

Steve Matthew Carter is a media composer working within the advertising/TV and film industries. Steve's advertising placements include spots for brands such as Honda, Dannon, Coty, Pureleaf, Samsung and more.  Watch as Steve breaks down his indie rock track that was placed in a national car commercial!  (spoiler alert, he was given 8 hours to complete this brief and LANDED the placement!)

Bonus #17

Access to VAULT

Access to a VAULT of ALL Produce Like a Boss Q&A’s, live trainings, workshops, interviews, and more!

($997 Value) Access to VAULT

Access to a VAULT of ALL Produce Like a Boss Q&A’s, live trainings, workshops, interviews, and more!

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