FREE Tutorial: Guitar/Loop Demo

If you're a songwriter trying to get your uptempo songs pitched by publishers in the music industry, you're going to need ENERGY in your demos. Sometimes a guitar/vocal JUST isn't enough to sell your song!

A quick and easy tutorial video on how to make a PITCHABLE demo using just a guitar and drum loop!


Adding Drums Adds Energy

It's amazing how adding a little programmed 'groove' or percussion to your acoustic demo can really make it POP!

Get Your Songs HEARD

Get your songs into the hands of your favorite artists by presenting PITCHABLE demos!

No Techy Talk

None of the information you DON'T need, just the basics on recording a simple QUICK demo.

Create and Conquer LIKE A BOSS!

Producing your own music has never been easier. Become a part of new generation of artist/ producers!