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Learn how to write modern pop songs and get paid for it!
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What is Write Like A Boss? 


Do you have a passion for writing modern pop lyrics and melodies, but feel like you're lacking the know-how to make it your profession?

In Write Like a Boss, you'll learn everything I know about writing to instrumental tracks and getting paid, including:

  • Finding your voice as an artist when toplining to tracks
  • Writing fresh and 'cool' lyrics
  • Using reference tracks to enhance your writing
  • Chasing inspiration and overcoming writer's block
  • Tracking lead vocals, background vocals, adlibs, and harmonies
  • Making money in the online marketplace

After taking this course, you'll be able to modernize your songwriting, get featured on releases, AND make money from home, sa-weeet!

And the best part, you don't need any prior training or technical know-how, just a desire to improve your songwriting.

Get Featured On Releases - Producers and Dj's are constantly looking for fresh talent to feature on their tracks. This is an incredible way to get your name out there! 

Make Money From Home - Imagine getting paid to write songs and track vocals from the comfort of your own home and have clients worldwide. This can be your reality.

Modernize Your Songwriting - This is NOT your momma's guide to songwriting. In this course I'm going to teach you how MODERN songwriters write. 


Here's What's Inside

  • Module 1: Everything You Need To Know to Write Like a Boss
  • Module 2: Sharpening The Axe
  • Module 3Now Let's Write
  • Module 4: Tracking Vocals and Vocal Production
  • Module 5: Tuning/Editing/Rough Mix

In this first module, we’ll begin with the all important question: What is Toplining?

We’ll talk about the goal of the song, about how to use reference tracks to align with what is standard in the industry and I’ll help you craft your toolbelt to set you up to write like a boss!

You’ll also get to find your voice - and learn how this will depend on whether you are a hired writer or the artist.


In this module, we’ll move on to mapping the arrangement of your instrumental.

We’ll cover intuition takes, creating a word bank for your writing, and what I like to call “Mining For Diamonds”.

There’ll also be a bonus video with this module, where you can check out theme songs I was commissioned to write for the FFA.


Let's Jump In!

In this module, I’ll share some tips for writing cooler lyrics - and you will get to watch as I write melody and lyrics in real time!

No matter how you have experienced writing before, don’t worry! I’ll show you how there is no need to OVERTHINK going forward!

So now let’s write…


This module is all about vocals - from tracking vocals to full vocal production.

I’m talking about Leads, Doubles, Stacks, Harmonies, BGV's and Adlibs!

This is everything you need to bring your writing to life with vocals and vocal production.


It’s important that your final song sounds great and of a competitive industry standard - so that’s what we’ll be doing in this module!

From tuning vocals to flying vocals right through to your rough mix and export - it’s all covered here!




Get Lifetime Access for $197

Own this course for life by clicking the button below! 

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and get IMMEDIATE access to:


 All courses, bundles and resources 

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 Weekly LIVE calls

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✅ 1 Monthly Listening Party

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