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July 26, 2020 by Kris


Episode # 20:

Sometimes You're The Rubber Band


Hey producers and producers-in-the-making,

Do you ever feel like you’re frustrated with where you’re at, maybe even a little stuck? Perhaps you’re a busy body (like me) but lately, you feel like you’ve been standing still, even though you’re busier than ever! Even though we've all been reassured that feeling stuck is normal, it's more than that: it's part of the process to get from where you are to where you want to be.

Maybe I can reframe things for you: instead of being stuck, you might just be the rubber band in a slingshot, feeling like you're going nowhere, or maybe even backward, but if you stick with it, BAM! Like a slingshot, you'll shoot forward as a result. 

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 Get excited for next episode where I talk about how a silly little love song called “My Tortilla” landed me a spot in a huge showcase.” See you there!

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