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Yes! I Want To Make Money Online From My Home Studio!

If you’re a singer, songwriter, instrumentalist, producer, or even a mixing engineer, you can be generating income online RIGHT NOW!


For years I struggled as a singer-songwriter, doing anything I could to MAKE MONEY WITH MY MUSIC…


I’ve played 4 hour gigs from LA to Nashville, I’ve traveled the world singing in cover bands, and I literally was a bartender for an ENTIRE DECADE while pursuing my music.


Eventually, I started getting invited to sing on tracks in other people’s studios and after making a hundred bucks here and there I realized, holy smokes, I could be doing this from my OWN studio and making an even larger profit.


Once I discovered this, it was ON.  I got my home studio set up and started building my business online as a session singer.  Next thing I know, people are hiring me to write, produce, play guitar, you name it, if I was good at it, I could find a client who wanted to HIRE me for it.  ALL ONLINE.  No joke, most days I don’t even put on real pants!


And now I want to help you.


In this mini-course, I'm going to teach you how to make money from your home studio, even if you're just starting out, and even if you don't have fancy gear!


This course includes:

  • Where to find clients- YES, there are people in the world that want to hire you for your unique talents. You just have to know where to find them.

  • Email templates for reaching out to new clients- so you never get stuck wondering how to get a lead or land a job

  • Beats checklist for uploading to the online marketplace (beatstars, airbits, etc)- so you don’t pull your hair out wondering what types of files you need,  or how to market your beats so that you can beat the algorithm on the beat platforms. 

  • How to hire home studio pro's- so you know to work remotely with other pro’s.  You don’t have to “play everything” to be a super producer.  This video alone will teach you how to build your production company super roster of bad ass musicians.

  • How to price for your services guide- so you know how to value your time, and how to increase your pricing as your experience and credits grow

  • How to create album artwork on Canva- so you market your songs professionally by branding them.

  • How to make money as a session singer and topliner- so you can break into the market and get paid as a pro songwriter

And I’ve even included a bonus...

I'm going to give you a sneak peek at how I composed the emotional acoustic ballad "Wide Open" which was placed on the TV Show Temptation Island - so you can see exactly what went into the writing and production of this super moody and simple song that got a sync placement within 1 week of being written.

This course is worth it's weight in GOLD and easily values at  $297, but I'm going to make it $197.

Yes! I Want to Make Money From My Home Studio!

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Imagine getting paid to write songs, play your instrument, produce, mix  and track vocals from the comfort of your own home. This can be your reality.

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Producers and Dj's are constantly looking for fresh talent to feature on their tracks.  This is an incredible way to get your name out there AND make some dough!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes! I Want To Grow My Business as a Session Singer and Songwriter by Learning How To Write Like A Boss!

No questions asked.  No guilt.  100% money back guarantee.

I don’t expect you to want a refund, as this course can save and make you thousands and thousands for the rest of your music career. BUT if you do, I will happily send you your money back, no questions asked and no need for apologies. 

Please just keep it within 7 days as my credit card processor doesn’t go for open-ended guarantees.