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Save Money and Create a New Income Stream By Learning How to Write "Toplines"!

Yes! I Want To Grow My Business as a Session Singer and Songwriter by Learning How To Write Like A Boss!


If you'd like to learn how to write modern pop lyrics and melodies, track killer lead and background vocals, and even make a living as a songwriter, without fancy gear or having to be 'tech savvy', you've come to the right place.

My name is Kris Bradley, and I work with a wide variety of people, from independent artists and songwriters to labels and TV networks. I have placements including Sony, Warner Chappell, Fox, Miramax, Lincoln, and USA Network.  I also have over 300 clients that I have served as a session singer/songwriter in over 20 different countries.

But it wasn't always like that...

I moved to Nashville from Los Angeles in 2015 chasing the dream of getting a major label publishing deal.  I wanted to get paid to write songs and I was determined to make it happen.

After playing countless songwriter rounds, pitching songs to publishers only to be rejected and told I was “too outside the box”, I turned to the online market to see how I could make some extra money while I was waiting for my ‘big break’.

I had started learning to record and was already cutting my own demos and tracking my own vocals, but little did I know there was an ENTIRE market out there for that very skill!  People were actually looking for singers just like me to sing on their projects, whether it was a demo, or a producer looking for a songwriter (topliner) to feature on one of their tracks.

This was a game changer. 

I started picking up several jobs a week and the rest is history.  No more bar gigs, no more bartending, no more being a struggling, starving artistI had gone pro.

As I’m writing this, I literally just got hired to write over 500 songs for a production library in Europe.  I will deliver about 20-40 songs every month until we meet our quota, and it’s renewable as their library is constantly growing.

I could live on this money alone (from just ONE client) if I didn’t have any other income coming in.  #mindblown

And now I want to help you.

In This Course You're Going to Learn How to...

  • find your voice as an artist- so that your writing is authentic
  • use reference tracks- so you can study the market
  • write 'cool' and fresh lyrics- so your songs don't sound dated
  • word bank- so that you can layout a blueprint before writing
  • chase inspiration down- so that you NEVER have writer's block
  • map your arrangement out for faster workflow- so you can work at lightning speed
  • track lead vocals, background vocals, adlibs and harmonies- so that you can do your own vocal arrangements
  • mix and produce your vocals like a boss, so you can produce your own vocals
  • make money in the online marketplace - so you can make money doing what you love!

Just a FEW benefits from learning this skill....

Get Featured On Releases

Producers and Dj's are constantly looking for fresh talent to feature on their tracks.  This is an incredible way to get your name out there!

Make Money From Home

Imagine getting paid to write songs and track vocals from the comfort of your own home. This can be your reality.

Modernize Your Songwriting

This is NOT your momma's guide to songwriting. In this course I'm going to teach you how MODERN songwriters write.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes! I Want To Grow My Business as a Session Singer and Songwriter by Learning How To Write Like A Boss!


Module One: Everything You Need To Know to Write Like a Boss 

  • What is Toplining?
  • Finding Our Voice- Are We Hired Or Are We the Artist?
  • What is the Goal For the Song?
  • Reference Tracks
  • Grab your toolbelt

Module Two: Sharpening The Axe 

  • Mapping the arrangement of your instrumental
  • Intuition Take
  • Word Bank
  • Mining For Diamonds
  • Bonus: Check Out These Theme Songs I Was Commissioned to Write for the FFA

Module Three: Now Let's Write

  • Let's Jump In!
  • Some Tips For Writing Cooler Lyrics
  • Watch as I Write Melody and Lyrics in Real Time
  • No need to OVERTHINK!

Module Four: Tracking Vocals and Vocal Production

  • Leads
  • Doubles
  • Stacks
  • BGV's
  • Adlibs

Module Five: Tuning/Editing/Rough Mix

  • Tuning Vocals
  • Flying Vocals
  • Rough Mix & Export


  • Books to Read
  • Websites Where You Can Lease Instrumental Tracks
  • How to Make Money in the Online Market

If You Sign Up Today You're Also Going to Get this Bonus...

In this video you'll get to hang out with my buddy and pro producer Mike Genato from Reverse Play and learn how to produce and mix your vocals!

In this video, Mike will takes you behind the scenes from:

  • What happens after he gets the vocal back on the track from the singer
  • What he does next with them
  • Getting it polished and ready for release

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Yes! I Want To Grow My Business as a Session Singer and Songwriter by Learning How To Write Like A Boss!

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes! I Want To Grow My Business as a Session Singer and Songwriter by Learning How To Write Like A Boss!

No questions asked.  No guilt.  100% money back guarantee.

I don’t expect you to want a refund, as this course can save and make you thousands and thousands for the rest of your music career. BUT if you do, I will happily send you your money back, no questions asked and no need for apologies. 

Please just keep it within 10 days as my credit card processor doesn’t go for open-ended guarantees.