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Feb. 21, 2021 by Kris

Episode # 37:

Talk the talk, Producers Lingo

Have you ever found yourself trying to hang with producers in the studio, feelin’ all cool 😎 like you know what you’re doin, and then all of the sudden you realize everyone around you is talking like they are from another planet? 👽 Saying words like "comping, flying, overdubs, boomy, airy, ADSR, EQ, sibilance"… Well if you’re anything like me, you know what I'm talking about. 😛
In this episode, I go in-depth and break down a ton of terms you will find not only in the studio🎧, but in your DAW 🖥 (Digital Audio Workstation) too. I even get in there 🎙🎶 with some very specific examples of EQ 🎚 to show what the sound differences actually sound like!
And of course here is my gift to you, a Quick Guide to Producer’s Lingo, so you can ride off into the sunset of ✨☁️Producer Dreamland☁️✨ and totally know what's up!
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Joan Meyer

Kris is awesome. I took her From Voice Memo 2 Demo course and it is very informative and helpful, especially the section on mixing. I enjoy listening to her podcast and am always learning new things about producing music that’s approachable and useful. She explains it so well!"

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