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Feb. 14, 2021 by Kris

Episode # 36:

Student Success Stories - Carmel Helene

Carmel Helene is a total ROCKSTAR! 🌟 She started “From Voice Memo 2 Demo” less than 8 months ago and has already landed two songs with a major library, AND people are hitting her up left and right for production projects! 🌟
Kris and Carmel talk about the ups and downs of trying to learn how to become a producer when you are starting out as a female singer-songwriter not knowing a thing about the production world.
Then, Carmel goes deep into why Kris’s course “From Voice Memo 2 Demo” has changed the game for her. How she was finally able to learn to do what she has dreamt of doing for so long.
She talks about the freedom and empowerment she feels by having these skills under her belt, how Kris is such a fun and simple yet captivating teacher, and the best part… that it's only just the beginning for her!
You can find Carmel on Instagram @carmelhelene and on Facebook at
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Produce Like a Boss Kris Bradley = Everything that is AWESOME 

I’ve been a fan of Kris Bradley for a while now. She is a real one. The way she empowers artists, producers, and the like through her online programs like Produce Like a Boss gives me hope for where things are headed in this new era of DIY musicians. Her infectious, radiant energy is enough to make even the most apathetic, non-techie person, strap-up their boots and start making the music they’ve always wanted to.

Thank you, Kris, for being such an AMAZING human being!

With Gratitude.

In Music,


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