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Feb. 07, 2021 by Kris

Episode # 35:

How to Build Your First Home Studio

Setting up your first home studio can feel scary and overwhelming… am I right? Don’t fret, I’m here to tell you my friend, it doesn’t have to be overwhelming or a multi-thousand dollar investment. ❤️
If you’ve been putting off building your home studio, there really are just a few things you need to get started and never look back! If I can do it with just a few hundred dollars collecting used gear, so can you! These days it’s no longer a luxury to record from home, it’s a necessity.
If you want to maximize your opportunities in the industry you must be able to record yourself.  This isn’t just for my producers out there, this is for my singers, instrumentalists, songwriters, ya’ll, now is the time to become a TRIPLE THREAT! 💪💪💪

So here is the breakdown: 🧐 

  1. You’ll need a computer,

  2. a microphone,

  3. an audio interface,

  4. MIDI controller,

  5. studio headphones, and

  6. ideally, some studio monitors as well (aka studio speakers - you can even save this one for later).

Learn how to produce the EASY way and turn your home studio skills into 💰  

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