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Dec. 07, 2020 by Kris

Episode # 30:

The Difference Between "Shortcuts" and "Fast Tracks"

Recently I caught myself saying the words “take this shortcut” while putting together a training and almost spit my coffee out on my keyboard because, if you know me at all, I don’t believe in shortcuts.  In fact, I even have an episode on this podcast called “There are no shortcuts!” (Go check it out if you haven’t! 👀)
So of course I got to thinking about what I actually meant to say instead of “shortcut”, and I came up with the term “fast track”: now you’re probably thinking, “Kris what’s the difference? They’re pretty much the same thing!” 🤔
Well here it is: shortcuts are for lazy, hopeful people 😖, and fast tracks are for the go-getters and action-takers 💪 🤩
The people looking for shortcuts are looking for quantum leaps, but the people looking for fast tracks are just trying to cut out all the noise and useless info they don’t need. They are efficient.
Don’t buy it yet? Listen to my explanation in this week’s episode 😏


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