Nov. 09, 2020 by Kris

Episode # 28:

Making Music Production Less Scary with Steven Slate, Co-Founder Of The Legendary Slate Digital!

In this episode, I sit down with Steven Slate, who co-founded Slate Digital: a GIANT in the audio world, with plugins, sample packs, gear, classes, and so much more! I use their plugins ALL THE TIME, and you might have seen the Slate VMS-1 in some of my videos; it's one of my favorite mics!
So needless to say, when Slate reached out to me and told me they loved what I was teaching,  I was DYING with excitement!  I may be fangirling a little bit as well ;)
As it turns out, Steven and I have a common goal: we both want to make it as easy as possible for songwriters to make music on their own terms...AND less scary!
Steven does this by creating the best plugins, equipment, samples, etc. he can and making it affordable, and I do this by teaching people how to use those tools to make the music that's in their hearts!
Two different approaches with the same end goal: to get YOU to be your own producer!

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So if you’re ready to learn how to produce your own music I have EXCELLENT news!
My course “From Voice Memo 2 Demo” is NOW OPEN FOR ENROLLMENT!
Not only that, I have partnered with Slate Digital to give you a FREE 3 month trial of the ALL ACCESS PASS, which is over $5,000 worth of plugins and sounds, wowza!


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