Nov. 02, 2020 by Kris

Episode # 27:

If You Set The Intention, The Path Will Unfold

Have you ever caught yourself ‘white-knuckling’ your way through life trying to make things happen a certain way? 😤
Don’t worry, we’ve all been there. Especially in the music biz.
I used to think the only way for me to ‘make it’ was to get a major pub deal or record deal, and if I wasn’t “Beyonce Big” then I had failed. Boy was I wrong! Do you know how much money is floating around for creatives to make money outside of the “music industry”?
Truth is, I just wanted to make a great living with my music, and I wanted to make an impact.  And once I realized that I didn’t need to define how or what was going to get me there, I discovered a whole new world...
And that world was music production and custom songwriting. What started off as a necessity because I couldn’t afford to hire producers soon became an obsession and a passion 😍
Learning how to produce opened doors I could have never imagined. It created opportunities I could have only dreamed of. I just think to myself now, imagine if I would have INSISTED that a “record deal” or “pub deal” would be my ONLY path to success. CRAZY.
We’ve all heard the saying, “you make plans, and God laughs…”  I imagine him saying something like “those are your dreams?! That’s cute kid….hold my beer” 😂 🍺
Once I learned how to produce, here’s just a few things that happened:
  • I started producing my own demos, which led to getting songs cut with artists. One I got pretty good at that, other songwriters started hiring me to do their demos so they could pitch their songs to other artists
  • I was able to turn this "demo business" into a full-time income. I even had several publishing companies in Nashville who used me as their resident "track girl"
  • I started doing remote session work as a vocalist and a songwriter. This was additional income to the demo work and became even more profitable
  • Artists started asking me to produce their albums
  • I started getting film/TV placements
  • I grew my business to six figures
Now I’m helping other artists/songwriters learn how to produce and record so they can do the same!

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In this episode, I tell you a little bit more about my back story, which prompted my decision to go full time with my music, and how learning to produce has changed my life.


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