Oct. 26, 2020 by Kris

Episode # 26:

Interview With EQ Expert Michelle Pettinato

I’ve sat down and talked with some really cool people lately, and I’m so glad I can bring their wisdom and knowledge to you in a podcast! 🥰
This week’s episode is no exception: I’m joined by Michelle Pettinato, who has OVER 30 YEARS of experience in live sound, and literally wrote a book 📚 on EQ! She thinks it’s one of the most essential - and misunderstood - pieces of the mixing puzzle, but even more than that, she thinks that it’s fundamental to being a good musician.
EQ relates to ear training and critical listening 🎧 , and talks about how to improve your skill with all of it, and more, in the show. Hope you find it as valuable as I did!!

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If you want to check out her website where you can learn about everything she mentions here is WAY more depth, head on over here! https://www.mixingmusiclive.com/a/35308/9vLNpg6z

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