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Sept. 13, 2020 by Kris

Episode # 22:

Why Your Talent Is Holding You Back From Going Pro From Your Home Studio


As musicians, we often think that the path to success is simple; we just have to be better than the other person, better than the other people in line, and better than the rest of the choices, and we'll make it. But the truth, though it's uncomfortable, is that the less-talented guitar player is going to get hired for the session sometimes, and the less-talented vocalist will get that cut.

 The thing that separates you from the crowd isn't always going to be talent. Being good at your craft is a prerequisite nowadays, and the way to get ahead is to put yourself out there effectively and take control of the business that is YOU. 

The people hiring musicians for remote sessions don't want an artist who needs their handheld to send them .wav files, and they won't sign a contract with someone who doesn't know what a PRO is. They're going to choose the musician who has their act together! 

To be successful musicians, we need to OWN our business, and treat it like one! Learn what's going on behind the scenes, market yourself effectively, and know how the industry works. Sometimes we think having talent is enough, but the talent is just a stepladder on the mountain of success. 

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