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September 06, 2020 by Kris

Episode # 21:

That Time I Got Asked To Play SXSW For A Song I Wrote Called “My Tortilla”


It starts like any other story: Girl meets boy. Girl writes a song about tortillas. Girl gets invited to perform at a huge music festival. Right?? 🤔  

Ok so maybe it's not the most relatable story for you now, but the thing is that could be.

 I never thought a song about any kind of food would land me in one of the most prestigious music festivals in the world, South By Southwest. 

 But it didn't happen because I fit in with all the other musicians attending and performing at the festival, it was because I STOOD OUT.   Take a listen to the journey of a song from creation to success, and you'll see why they say “ the riches are in the niches!” 🎧 🎼 

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"Love this podcast! I'm totally inspired by Kris and her passion for what she does. Not only is she a beyond talented musician/producer, she's also smart about this business - and is actually willing to share all this information to help other people reach their potential too. She gets right to the point and gives it to you straight, which I love !"

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