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Dec 30, 2020 by Kris


Episode # 02

Don't let THIS hold you back from kicking ass in 2020!!

Perfectionism is procrastination disguised as productivity.   Don't let the myth of "one day when I finally have the gear...." stop you from taking action now with your music!
**Please forgive the kitty cat podcast bomb at 2:31 :) 
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Have you ever caught yourself saying things like… “When I have the money I will…” or “When the timing is right I will….”
How about….when I can afford the right gear I’ll be able to make great music.
It’s always fascinated me how we can be so wired to argue for our limitations. Why do we do that?
I think for artists and producers one of the biggest hurdles is gear.  And so I wanted to just share a quick little secret with you.
I started doing this FULL time and landing placements using NOTHING but an apogee duet and a RODE NT1A as my only setup, besides my computer and DAW.  The apogee duet interface cost me $350 used, and the Rode mic is a $200 mic.  I did not buy a pre-amp, or any other hardware.  I simply worked in the box (in the computer) and used what I had.
Now,  I definitely procrastinated for a LONG time leading up to that.
Gah…One of my biggest excuses was:  I only have stock sounds, so I can’t produce good quality tracks.  I literally let that stop me from even creating!
Omg…I realize now how self-defeating that was!
So why do we argue for our limitations?
The answer?  Perfection.
Perfectionism is procrastination disguised as productivity.
Let that sink in.
So here we are…with good intentions, really just wanting to present our best selves to the world. And what a great story to justify our standstills, right?
But can we get real for a second?  We’ve just cracked the code.
Perfectionism is procrastination disguised as productivity.
And procrastination is simply fear.  Whether it’s fear of failure or fear of success, whatever it is, it’s fear.  Fear of rejection, heartbreak, expansion, you name it, it’s all fear.   And the only cure for fear is action.
So we can wait for everything to be perfect, and do nothing.
Or we can just take action and do something.  Anything. Just move.  Take 1 step forward.
Do it Like a Boss.  Xoxo


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