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June 09, 2020 by Kris


Episode # 16:

How This Artist Started Making Money 3 Months Into Learning Music Production

We've all heard the stories about how hard it is to make money as a musician; living in cars, working in restaurants while your songwriting dreams sit on a shelf. Well here's some good news: your story can be different.
In this episode, I interview one of my students from the course, Eryn Michel
Using the newfound skills she gained from the Voice Memo 2 Demo online course, she was able to hone her craft, discover new opportunities, and MONETIZE in 3 months! 
Listen to Eryn talk about her life before, when she served in the Army and worked in politics, as she describes the journey of finding her passion in music. From that passion she found the class to help her - a class aimed at helping songwriters learn production - and before she had even finished the course, she was making her own demos, producing for her friends, and earning money! 
The crazy dream that had once seemed so far out of reach came easily to her once she found the right instruction for her.
Can it happen to you too?
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