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May 3,, 2020 by Kris


Episode # 14:

Rock your next release

Are you an artist getting ready to release your music into the world and not sure where to start when planning your release? 
In this episode, I interview Bree Noble from Female Entrepreneur Musician.
We talk about strategy and the long game of releasing an album, or series of singles.
Here’s the link to the LIVE training we’ll be doing this Wednesday, May 6 @ 6 PM Central/ 7 PM Eastern / 4 PM Pacific.
There are 8 big pieces of the puzzle or focus areas that determine whether a release will be successful or not. In this workshop, we'll go deep into each focus area. Bree will also show you how the pieces fit together within the Rock Your Next Release framework.
Join us for the workshop to learn:
  1.  The 3 big mistakes you're probably making when releasing music (and how to fix them)
  2.  The one component you MUST have to ensure that you don't miss out on crucial promotional and income opportunities
  3. How to use the Rock Your Next Release framework to make a BIG splash with your next release without feeling overwhelmed
And Bree will be available to answer questions that come up throughout the workshop so be sure to attend live.
Let’s get a plan in place so you can make a HUGE splash with your next release!
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“Loveeeee. this podcast and Kris Bradley's approach. It's inspiring yet raw and real. As an independent artist I'm so much more focused on the art part than the business side and this is an easy listen that really has opened my eyes to so many new possibilities for my career.. So grateful for this information !” 

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