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January 17, 2022 by Kris

Episode # 67:

Making Music for Film/TV as a Music Producer With Marlon Gibbons

In this episode, producer Marlon Gibbons of Production Music and I sit down as we discuss making music for film/tv!

Marlon Gibbons is a multi-instrumentalist & Composer for TV & Advertising.

He’s been in the sync world for almost 2 decades and to date has had thousands of TV placements. In the early 2000’s he had his music featured on the SIMS game franchise “Space Station” and since then, he’s turned “Production Music'' into a full-time career.

A few of Marlon’s credits include, The Bachelor, Dancing With The Stars, Temptation Island, America’s Got Talent, Master Chef, Discovery ID, Archer, Access Hollywood, American Idol, Top Gear, F-Word and more.

Marlon and I discuss….

  • The difference between music production and production music
  • Relationship-building with libraries and supervisors
  • How to take “older influences” like blues/rock and modernize them
  • The importance of research before reaching out to publishers

…and more!

Follow Marlon on IG at @marlon_gibbons

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