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First, I’m so glad you're here.
My name is Kris Bradley, and I’m a former starving artist turned 7-figure entrepreneur.
My work has been featured in top film and TV placements such as Fox, USA Network, Freeform, Samsung, Miramax, Lincoln, and I've served over 700+ clients worldwide ‚Äď all after I learned how to produce music from the comfort of my own home.
As someone with 0 expert credentials, no college degree (in fact, I actually am a high school drop out!) and 100% self taught in mastering the art of music production from home ‚ÄĒ I‚Äôm showing you the inside knowledge and skills you need to get there!
Why? Because I'm on a mission to awaken and empower artists and musicians like you. Believe me, I've been there before - slaving away at my DAW, getting lost in the youtube rabbit hole, and depending on others for my music and career. I want to help you bring your talents to the world simply and easily, without the studio gatekeepers or techno-babble!
‚Ķ and how do I know this stuff? Because I went from an unknown artist for years doing everything from touring, to bar gigs, to bartending, to playing on the streets as a ‚Äúbusker‚ÄĚ, struggling to make ends meet as a songwriter, to becoming a 6, then 7 figure earner by leveraging the skill of music self-production. And here‚Äôs the thing ‚Äď I had no inside connections whatsoever when I started out. And you don‚Äôt need to either!
You see, I didn't grow up with a smart phone in hand, nor did I even own a laptop until I was nearly 30! So learning how to produce was extremely challenging for someone like me, who was not tech-savvy at all! ūü•ī
After years of trying to learn how to produce through trial and error and listening to countless teachers speak OVER my head, I realized that most music production teachers talk to you as though you are an audio engineer, not an artist!
This was when I decided not to move forward with the traditional education system, and figured out, the hard way, how to produce my music from home.
After many sleepless nights (and a Vitamin D deficiency!), I finally cracked the code, and not only did I end up producing my own music, which gave me full creative control and saved me money, but I also turned this skill into a full-time business from my home studio, and generated 6-figures a year as a music producer/session singer after!

As my success started to grow, I didn’t want to leave my fellow artists and musicians behind, so I started creating courses to help others.
This turned into a burning passion for teaching musicians how to produce their own music, so that they could reach their creative and financial goals as well!  
So in 2019, I created my first course "From Voice Memo 2 Demo" which has since helped thousands of students learn how to navigate the DAW and produce their own music. I then¬†created many other courses, including how to write songs and get paid in my course, "Write Like a Boss", followed by teaching musicians how to produce radio ready music and license instrumentals in "From Demo to Radio", and¬†how to become a professional producer and turn your home studio into a full-time business in my course, ‚ÄúHome Studio Boss‚ÄĚ.
This year, I bundled every single course I've ever made into a suite of courses all under one roof called "Produce Like a Boss University", which has everything you need to know about music production, songwriting, branding, and business the EASY and simple way! Yes, I've basically shared ALL the know-how of my grueling journey from ZERO to Production Hero over the last decade, to save you YEARS, thousands of dollars, and not fall into the pitfalls that I did!
I know, my ‚Äúindustry friends‚ÄĚ think I‚Äôm crazy for doing this, but I truly understand how frustrating it can be to feel disempowered when it comes to your music, and I¬†am testament to showing how learning how to produce, and monetizing this craft, changed my life! And I want you to know that you can do it too!

In Produce Like a Boss University, this affordable membership option is where you get access to ALL of my courses and materials I’ve ever made!
In addition, you also get 4 LIVE group calls a month, including a coaching call with me, a Tech and Q&A with our head coach, and even a monthly listening party with live feedback on your music, as well as a collaboration event where you can mingle and collaborate with other musicians in real time on zoom, as well as access to our wonderful Facebook community of likeminded musicians just like you!

I opened the doors to Produce Like a Boss University in June this year with an introductory 50% off ($49/mo) founding member's rate for my loyal peeps, which is a STEAL for the overwhelming quality (and quantity) of materials you get as part of the package! And right now, you’re in luck, because I am running this 50% off ($49/mo) founding member's offer until September 18th 2023 at 2pm PST sharp!  That's when the monthly founding member's offer will be sunsetting, and membership for Produce Like a Boss University will only be available bi-annually (for $888/yr) or annually thereafter (for $555/6mo).  So lock yourself into this this steal of a monthly membership deal while it's still available!
Once it’s gone, it’s gone, and I will never be running this founding member's promotion ever again. So this is truly your LAST CHANCE to grab COMPLETE access to ALL of my entire suite of courses at this unheard of price!
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After September 18th, we are sunsetting the founding member's 50% off monthly plan of $49/month. If you sign up now, you will be grandfathered into your plan until perpetuity!

After September 18th, we are also only going to be offering PLAB.U at full-price to the public - with annual ($888/yr) and bi-annual ($555/6mo) membership options.

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IMPORTANT: While there are no refunds, I'm SO confident that you'll gain massive value and benefit from my courses that if for any reason, you don't like my content, you can cancel your membership at anytime.


However, given that doors are closing to the founding members' $49/mo deal after September 18th 2023, if you cancel your membership after this date and subsequently wish to join back later, we will no longer be offering this $49/mo again. As long as you've locked yourself into this sweet deal (before September 18th at 2pm PST), you will be grandfathered into this rate until perpetuity! Sweeeet!!! 

All Levels Welcome 

Perfect for students at all levels - beginners, intermediates, and advanced alike!

Simple & Fun 

The most fun you'll have while learning how to produce and grow your brand!

2500+Happy Students 

Join a community of thriving artists, producers, and musicians from all over the world!

Whether you're a "newbie" or an experienced professional musician, Produce Like a Boss University has ALL the tools you'll need on your artist-producer journey, under one roof!

covering everything from...


Music Production

Get the tools you need to produce anything from a simple demo to a radio-ready track in rapid time!


Learn how to write songs quickly and easily, and how to get paid for for toplining to tracks! 


Learn the exact steps I used to build a profitable business from my home studio, and get paying clients FAST!


Discover how to develop the mental resilience and confidence necessary to take your music to the next level.

This is for you if you're...

An Artist

Who craves control over your own music


A Sync Producer

On the hunt for Film/TV/Movie placements


A Seasoned Musician

Looking to update your workflow from analogue to digital


A Working Musician

Who wants to learn production skills to sell your services online


A Songwriter

Pitching your songs to other artists to land your next cut


A Hobbyist

Who wants to wow your loved ones at Thanksgiving


See What's Inside this VALUE Packed Membership!

Check out these BEFORE and AFTER Transformations from our Students! 

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Courses provide in-depth training on a particular subject through a range of comprehensive modules and videos, allowing you to fully immerse yourself in the material.




Bundles are singular ‚ÄĚa la carte‚ÄĚ trainings grouped by categories, featuring both Kris AND other industry PROs.¬† Each of these trainings gives you a QUICK win within 45-60 minutes!¬†


Access over 100+ resources (audio, video, text) on admin, beat licensing, production workflow, sync licensing, mixing, gear recs, meditations, mindset, and SO much more!


Join our private FB group with like-minded musicians all over the world, and participate in WEEKLY Live Calls including: Q&A, Coaching, monthly listening parties, and collaboration events.

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The Vault (Access to ALL Live Call Replays)

Gain complete access to "The Vault", a GOLDMINE  full of every live call, workshop, and expert Q&A session conducted since the inception of Produce Like a Boss in 2019. 

Everything You Need to Know About PROs

Ever find yourself asking WHEN to copyright and register your music?  And how to do it?  Ryan from Indie Music Academy is here to talk everything PROs and copyrights!

How to Track Your Guitars Like a Pro!

As songwriters, we can tend to play like...well, songwriters!  In this tutorial Mikey Meiers from Songwriting for Guitar teaches you how to think, write, and play like a PROducer!

VIP Alumni Roundtable Sessions

Catch the LIVE workshops AND replays of our VIP Alumni Roundtables where we sit down with our graduates from Home Studio Boss VIP and have them share what's working for them in their businesses.

Over 100+ videos & resources, song feedback, PLUS weekly calls to help you become a Home Studio BOSS

I'm so READY! Let's do this!

Cancel anytime, but remember,¬†if you cancel your monthly membership after September 18th 2023, you won't be able to re-enroll back in the $49/mo deal again¬†ūüėě

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Theresa M.

I am just loving how you teach these things Kris! I'm so glad I signed up for P.LAB!  I was spending hours searching for the right sounds, I didn't realize I could make it work with just a few simple steps. So many aha moments happening here, thank you Produce Like a Boss!

Paul D.

All your courses are really an MBA of production,  simply awesome!!  And all the SOUL within the group is beyond comparison. I know I'm quiet in the group, but I am so grateful for everything you have created, and for this entire community! Thank you Kris and P.LAB Team! I

Julie V.

I'm so glad I've taken these courses! Now I feel much more confident to produce my own music instead of paying a producer and still not being satisfied with the result. Thank you so much! You've changed my life by giving me the excitement and motivation to keep going!

Yes! It's time to EMPOWER myself as an artist!

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