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Johnny Walker

Kaitlyn Mikalauskas

Derick Sebastian

Katie Dwyer

Julie Lindemuth

Aimee Francis

Ralph Ogunbiyi

Maria Requena

Michael Evans

Michael Averill

Aoife O'Leary

Yes! I'm Ready to Become a Home Studio Boss!

Johnny Walker

Johnny Walker Guitar

Beatmaker, Guitar Player, Online Course Creator Extraordinaire - Johnny Walker is killin the game!

Johnny Walker is absolutely crushing it as a producer! From beat licensing to content creation, to expanding his client base as a producer,  to teaching others how to play guitar through his online course, Johnny Walker is a force to be reckoned with.

This is because he is one of the BIGGEST action takers I've ever seen. πŸƒπŸ»‍♂️

He not only applies what he learns immediately, but he also BUILDS on it and makes it even BETTER. Watching his growth over the last couple of years has been nothing short of a jaw-dropper and uber inspiring!!

Here are just a FEW of Johnny's wins since joining Home Studio Boss!

  • Hired a Virtual Assistant!
  • Got Hired For Multiple Production Jobs
  • Leasing Beats Consistently
  • Made more in 1 month than in the previous year
  • Started production company “Johnny Walker Guitar” 
Yes! I'm Ready to Become a Home Studio Boss!

Kaitlyn Mikalauskas

“Dream Queen Music”

Kaitlyn Mikalauskas pivots into a Home Studio Boss like no other.

Kaitlyn Mikalauskas had been making music in her studio for years and loved every minute. However, she wasn't thinking about how she could monetize those skills. 

Enter, Home Studio Boss 

In her student success story, Kaitlyn talks about how Home Studio Boss really changed her life and allowed her to drill down on what she needed to do in order to turn her passion and love for making music and put that within the framework of a business.  

She speaks to the idea that now that she understands how her music fits into the marketplace, she can use it to be of service to others. She also talks about how much meaning and purpose that has brought into her world. 

As a coach, I love nothing more than giving "Ah-HA's" πŸ’‘ 

It has been an honor to witness such a MASSIVE transformation with Kaitlyn from Dreamqueen Music. 

Kaitlyn already came to HSB  with the drive and determination, and now she has the FOCUS and GAME PLAN to pursue her musical goals. 


Here are just a FEW of  Kaitlyn wins since joining Home Studio Boss!

  • Hired a Virtual Assistant!
  • Got Hired For a Production Job
  • Started My Production Company “Dream Queen Music”
Yes! I'm Ready to Become a Home Studio Boss!

Derick Sebastian

Sounds of Sebastian Publishing

Unlimited Ukulele Awesomes - Derick Sebastian Builds A Boss Producer Empire!

Derick Sebastian’s dream for his career as a musician was to travel the world. As he’s moved through his 28-year career, he’s happy to say he’s accomplished that goal, having performed across the country and done several international tours.

Becoming a producer became his next undertaking. Having always outsourced his music to other producers, he became frustrated that the end result was never quite what he was hoping for. He found that no one could really capture the idea he had in his mind, so he decided to take on this task himself and learn to produce.

Derick Sebastian has been nothing short of an INSPIRATION for us all. He went ALL IN on learning not only how to produce his music, but how to PLACE and MONETIZE his music. I'm just over here like πŸ€―πŸ‘πŸ». It's such an honor to be his coach, and see his RAPID growth. I mean, have you SEEN these wins? Excuse me while I pick my jaw up off of the floor πŸ˜‰

Here are just a FEW of Derick's wins since joining Home Studio Boss!

  • Hired a Virtual Assistant
  • Got 3 Albums Signed to a Library
  • Landed 3 songs in a Roxy/Quicksilver advertising campaign
  • Started "Sounds of Sebastian Publishing"
Yes! I'm Ready to Become a Home Studio Boss!

Katie Dwyer

Heartbeat Kick Productions

Real-Life Superwoman Katie Dwyer is an unstoppable Home Studio Boss

Before Home Studio Boss, Katie Dwyer was focused on her career as an acoustic singer/songwriter. She made the decision to quit her day job and pursue music full time, however she was limited in the scope of money-making opportunities available to her. As a result, she primarily focused on performing live. Ultimately though, she was looking for a solution that would allow her to be at home more and spend time with her family and four small children. Enter Home Studio Boss.

In her success story, Katie talks about how great it feels to be working from her own studio and be entirely in control of her artist project. She also talks about how fulfilling it has been to help other artists bring their visions to life.

Katie is truly one of our community champions. She is a super talented singer-songwriter, artist, producer, mix engineer, and audiobook narrator. Oh, and I mentioned she's a mother of 4 right?! Talk about a real-life superwoman!! I'm in awe of her every single day and SO proud to be her coach! πŸ€—

Here are just a FEW of Katie's wins since joining Home Studio Boss!

  • Got Hired for multiple Vocalist jobs
  • Got Hired for multiple Tuning jobs
  • Got hired for multiple Audio Books
  • Started a Production Company - "Heartbeat Kick Productions" 
Yes! I'm Ready to Become a Home Studio Boss!

Julie Lindemuth

My Father's Music

From Songwriter to Custom Songwriting BUSINESS owner 🎢πŸ’ͺ🏻

Before Home Studio Boss, Julie Lindemuth was beyond frustrated with her lack of career development, and due to the pandemic, she had recently lost all of her live gigs. 

Like many artists, Julie's path to producing came about out of frustration. She realized that she was tired of sinking all this money into recordings and having none of the creative control. This is what brought her to the Home Studio Boss Community.

I have watched Julie grow from singer-songwriter ➑️ into producer ➑️ into a CEO of her own custom songwriting company, and it has been EPIC 🀩  

Her work ethic, passion, and determination are nothing short of an INSPIRATION. I'm so honored to be a part of her journey! πŸ₯°

Here are just a FEW of Julie's wins since joining Home Studio Boss!

  • Got Hired for 3 Custom Songwriting Jobs!
  • Started My Production Company “My Father’s Music Production”
  • Got My First AMAZING Customer Testimonial!
Yes! I'm Ready to Become a Home Studio Boss!

Ralph Ogunbiyi

Hybr1ds Music

Session Sax Player Turns PRO Producer

Before Home Studio Boss Ralph Ogunbiyi hadn't quite cracked the code to monetizing his music. He had experience working as a  session player but hadn't learned the ins and outs of profiting from the music he could make in his home studio. 

Ralph joined Home Studio Boss only a few years into his journey as a producer, and the wins are already pouring in. He released his first artist track, produced his own album, and produced his first track for an up-and-coming indie artist.

It has been SO cool seeing Ralph's business, and production chops grow so QUICKLY! Not only does he make music that soothes my very soul, but he's also a BEAST on the saxophone! To say I'm honored to be his coach is an understatement πŸ€—

Here are just a FEW of Ralph's wins since joining Home Studio Boss!

  • Got Hired as a Session Musician for Multiple Gigs
  • Got Hired as a Producer for Multiple Gigs
  • Started My Production Company “Hybr1dsmusic”
Yes! I'm Ready to Become a Home Studio Boss!

Aimee Francis

FoxHaus Music

From Bars Gigs to BOSS Producer: The Aimee Francis Story

Music has been a part of Aimee Francis' life from the beginning. However, she wasn't always looking at it through the lens of a business and, as a result, was taking on a lot of work that wasn't lighting her up… like those 4-hour bar gigs. 

In this success story, Aimee talks about how putting on the "producer hat" has given her a new passion for her music and perspective on her career. She talks about how she was always so focused on being the artist and front person that she never got to experience other facets of creating music. She also talks about how liberating it has been to sit back as a producer, watch how someone else works and then go in and add her own musical magic.

Here are just a FEW of Aimee's wins since joining Home Studio Boss!

  • Getting hired regularly for session work
  • Placed a song in a video game
  • Getting hired for dozens of custom songs!
Yes! I'm Ready to Become a Home Studio Boss!

Maria Requena

Sunflower Summit

Maria Requena Builds Confidence And Crushes Her Comfort Zone!

Long-time artist/songwriter Maria Requena was at a bit of a standstill. Before she entered the P.LAB world, she had written and recorded her first album but was unsure of the next steps. 

In this HSB Student, Success Story, Maria talks about how she now has the tools and understanding to better communicate with her collaborators and bring the vision for music to life. In addition, it's allowed her to build relationships and friendships with fellow musicians and map out a clear direction for her career. She also explains how the P.LAB community has helped shape the artist she is today and how it's given her more confidence to take on challenging tasks and push past her comfort zone.

Here are just a FEW of Maria's wins since joining Home Studio Boss!

  • Got Hired for a Songfinch Gig
  • Received Community Champion Award
  • Started My Production Company “Sunflower Summit”
Yes! I'm Ready to Become a Home Studio Boss!

Michael Evans

Annex Audio Studios

Michael Evans Is Making Moves With His Music!

Michael has been recording his own music for 30 years. He's seen every iteration of home recording equipment over the past three decades, but before home studio boss, he was still looking for the tools to help monetize his music. 

In the video below, Michael talks about how, before Home Studio Boss, his journey to take his production skills to the next level was fragmented. He lacked clarity on all of the money-making opportunities that existed in the modern music industry. 

Michael has always demonstrated such passion and enthusiasm, both for the craft of music production and for the business side of things. It's been SO cool to witness his growth and success, and such an honor to be a part of his journey as a coach!

Here are just a FEW of Michael's wins since joining Home Studio Boss!

  • Hired a Virtual Assistant!
  • Got Hired for a Custom Beatmaking Gig
  • Got Hired for a Mixing/Mastering Gig
  • Received 2nd Place in the 10 Beat Challenge! 
Yes! I'm Ready to Become a Home Studio Boss!

Michael Averill

Mixmatched Socks Productions

Career Musician Solidifies The Blueprint To Success With Home Studio Boss!

Home productions were initially Michael Averill’s solution to save money on commercial studio recordings. Over the years, he continued to refine his craft until we eventually crossed paths, and he ended up enrolling in Home Studio Boss.

Michael is hands down one of the most creative people I’ve ever met. His music oozes authenticity, uniqueness, and playfulness that instantly makes you feel like you’re being serenaded by your quirkiest musical friend. It’s so cool to see somebody who’s already had such a long musical career add this “tool” to their belt. And to witness the exponential growth that happened right afterward has been incredible.

Here are just a FEW of Michael's wins since joining Home Studio Boss!

  • Got Hired for a Songfinch Gig
  • Got Hired by a Production Client
  • Got Hired for a Songwriting Gig
  • Started My Production Company “Mixed Matched Socks Productions”
Yes! I'm Ready to Become a Home Studio Boss!

Aoife O'Leary

PoppyMoth Productions

From Hobbyist Musician To Getting 3 Movie Placements!

Before Home Studio Boss VIP, Aoife was treating her music as a hobby and her skills were just not quite ready to go pro. But soon after graduating Home Studio boss VIP, Aoife successfully launched her own production company “PoppyMoth Productions”, AND secured 3 Sync placements in an upcoming movie (YES, you read that right. 3!)

Here are just a FEW of Aoife's wins since joining Home Studio Boss!

  • Getting production clients regularly
  • Landed 3 Film/TV Placements
  • Started  Production Company “Poppymoth Productions”
Yes! I'm Ready to Become a Home Studio Boss!