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  • Home Studio Boss (the course)  - 10 modules chock full of valuable tools, tips and tutorials so you can go pro from your home studio.
  • Collaboration workshops and assignments- so you can combine forces with like-minded home studio bosses and create music you can monetize
  • Feedback on your music and productions- so you always know you’re submitting top notch, radio ready productions for opportunities! 
  • Access to real world job and sync opportunities- submit your music monthly for potential placement in an exclusive library with one of our partners!
  • Feedback on your websites and Marketplace Profiles- so you can get more clients FAST
  • A step-by-step action plan customized specifically for you- so you know exactly how to reach our goals without ever falling off track.
  • High touch support in our private facebook mastermind community.

Home Studio Boss VIP gives you everything you need to …

  • Build systems, so you can automate and scale like a ninja! 
  • Monetize your skills as a musician, so you can do what you love and get paid.
  • Delegate what’s not in your zone of genius, so you can focus on what you do best
  • Join a community mastermind of like minded Home Studio Bosses, so you connect with those that are generating revenue in their business


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