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Home Studio Boss


Everything you need to build a business that turns your home studio into a cash producing machine!

See What's Inside

Home Studio Boss


Everything you need to build a business that turns your home studio into a cash producing machine!

From Almost Quitting Music to 6-Figures

Home Studio Bosses are getting PAID

Yes! I'm Ready to Make Money as a Producer!


Hello Fellow Musician!


Ever feel like your home studio is just a fancy way to say "hobby corner"? You’ve got the skills, the gear, and the passion, but turning that into cold, hard cash seems like a puzzle with missing pieces.

Maybe you’ve even landed a client or two, but juggling projects feels like trying to spin plates while riding a unicycle. And let’s not even talk about pricing. 

What do you charge? Is it too much? Too little? The uncertainty is real.

Then there’s the solo act you’ve been pulling—doing everything yourself because outsourcing sounds like something only the big studios can afford. 

Not to mention the gear... Oh, the gear! It’s easy to get caught up in the latest tech and gadgets, thinking this will be the game-changer, only to find your bank account disagrees.

🥴And if I were to guess, you might not be feeling super confident about charging for your services. 

😵‍💫Maybe your files are a bit of a mess, too, making every new project feel like starting from square one.

Sound familiar? If you nodded along (even once), then you’re in the right spot.

Introducing Home Studio Boss -
the ultimate course designed to turn your home studio into a thriving business. 

This isn’t just about making great music (you’re already nailing that part);
it’s about making great money with your music.

With Home Studio Boss, you’ll dive into 10 transformative modules covering everything from setting up your studio like a pro, mastering your production skills, to mixing and mastering magic. 


 Home Studio Boss

Home Studio Boss is a transformative 10-module course that equips you with everything needed to turn your home studio into a profitable business. From setting up your studio and mastering production techniques to navigating business fundamentals and monetizing your skills, this comprehensive guide covers the essentials of professional studio management, music production, and business acumen.

Whether you're mixing, mastering, collaborating remotely, or branding your music, Home Studio Boss prepares you to excel in the competitive world of music production, all from the comfort of your home.

Struggling to Profit

No more wondering why your skills aren't translating into income. It's time to monetize your talent effectively.

Not Knowing What to Charge

Eliminate the uncertainty of what to charge, ensuring you're rewarded fairly for your expertise.

Being Overwhelmed by Projects

Overcome the challenge of juggling multiple clients and projects without dropping the ball.

Doing it All Alone

Leave behind the days of trying to do it all yourself. Discover the power of smart outsourcing.

Undercharging and Not Knowing Your Worth

Say farewell to doubts about your worth. You'll know your value and how to communicate it.

Disorganization and Chaos

Bid adieu to messy files and unstructured workflows. Welcome a new era of efficiency and organization.

Wasteful Spending on Gear

Stop the cycle of investing in gear that doesn’t boost your business. Focus on tools that truly make a difference.


Here's What's Inside

🧱 Module 0

HSB Foundations


Kick off your journey with a bang as we unveil how we'll conquer this course together. Dive into a comprehensive tour, ensuring you never miss a beat, and snag insider tips on joining our Private Facebook community. It's your all-access pass to a smooth ride through the course.

🎧  Module 1

How to Step Into the Role of a Home Studio Boss


Step up your game and transform your home studio from a casual setup to a professional hit-making haven. We'll cover everything from the essential gear, how to organize your files like a mogul, to understanding the music market and networking like a pro. Gear up to make your studio the heart of your musical empire.

🧠 Module 2

Get YO Mind Right


Embark on a mental makeover to mold your mindset into that of a musical entrepreneur. Conquer the challenges, set laser-focused goals, and unlock the secrets to turning your music passion into a thriving business. It’s all about getting your head in the game and your tracks on the charts.

💻 Module 3

Producing songs that SELL


Master the art of producing tracks that don’t just sound good but sell. Dive deep into the producer's role, select sounds that resonate, wield your DAW like a samurai, and get creative with loops and instruments. It’s your guide to making music that moves both hearts and wallets.

🎙 Module 4

Tasty Vocals


Unleash the full potential of your vocal tracks with expert techniques for radio-ready results. From processing to tuning, editing, and applying the perfect effects, we'll cover all bases to make your vocals shine. Get ready to capture the essence of your artistry with every note.

🎛 Module 5



Demystify the mixing process and learn how to blend your tracks for dynamic and balanced masterpieces. We’ll explore EQ, compression, reverb, and more, ensuring your music feels just as good as it sounds. It’s your step-by-step to achieving that polished, professional sheen.

🎚 Module 6



Cross the finish line with mastering skills that elevate your track to broadcast quality. This module is your final polish, ensuring your music competes at the highest level, ready for the airwaves, streaming, and beyond. It’s time to stand out in the sonic landscape.


🌏 Module 7

Remote Collaboration


Navigate the new normal of music production by mastering remote collaborations. Learn the ins and outs of digital teamwork, from seamless communication to exchanging files and exporting stems. Expand your creative horizons and your network, all from the comfort of your home studio.

🛠️ Module 8

Building Your Business


Lay the bricks for your music empire with insights on setting up your production company, managing projects like a CEO, and even hiring your first virtual assistant. It’s about turning your musical passion into a profitable, well-oiled machine.

💰 Module 9

Time to Make That Money Honey!


Discover the treasure trove of online marketplaces to monetize your music mastery. Whether you're a singer, songwriter, beatmaker, or producer, this module is your roadmap to generating revenue and making your mark in the music industry.

🎨 Module 10

Branding and Content Creation


Craft a brand that resonates and content that captivates to jumpstart your producer career. Learn the essentials of branding and content creation to build a loyal following and turn your music into a magnet for opportunities. It’s time to shine and share your unique sound with the world.


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YES!! I’m Ready to Build a Business From My Home Studio!

This is for you if you want to learn how to...

  • Jumpstart your producer career by learning how to create profitable, radio-ready tracks in record time, even if your songs currently sound like they’re in the “demo” stage.
  • Get an arsenal of cheat sheets, guides, and resources so you can crank out high-quality productions fast
  • Learn how to only invest in the tools you need, so you don’t waste your money on expensive gear that doesn’t generate income!
  • Feel confident charging for your services, even if you’ve never made a dime recording in the past!
  • Find “perfect fit” clients that are stoked to pay you what you’re worth without “haggling” you to come down in price.
  • Get a comprehensive step-by-step game plan on how to set up your business systems and assets so that you can keep your business “squeaky” clean and easy to run. 

Hey, I'm Kris Bradley!


Procrastination crusher, singer-songwriter, producer, and entrepreneur.

I’ve built a 6-figure business as a music producer, bringing in hundreds of sync placements in Film/TV, over 500 clients in 30 different countries worldwide, and working with clients including Sony, Warner Chappell, Fox, Miramax, Lincoln, and USA Network to name a few.   #musicismyFRONThustle

But it wasn’t always this way …

For years I hustled (and struggled) playing bar gigs, restaurant gigs, touring all over the world in cover bands, heck, I even busked on the streets of 3rd Street Promenade in Santa Monica.

The problem was that after all of this non-stop gigging, my voice started to give out, getting weaker and weaker, until eventually I had to turn down gigs in order to preserve my health…

All of a sudden, I could no longer rely on live gigs to support myself.  

This was a scary place to be, and very ironic because the only thing I ever wanted to do, was get paid to sing. AND it was the one thing I couldn’t do because I was doing it too much. 🤦🏻‍♀️

Then, as if by chance, something amazing happened…

I discovered opportunities that were available to me as a singer that I hadn’t been aware of.

In fact, I discovered an entire world of opportunities online for me as a singer - and even more opportunities if I learned to record and produce myself. 

So that's what I did! 

I learned how to record and produce myself, and that led to me starting my business as a freelance session singer producer. 

Can you imagine it? Getting PAID to produce music, write and sing songs?!

That's exactly what happened for me! 

All of a sudden, I was running my own music production business, generating consistent income, getting raving 5-star reviews from clients, getting REPEAT clients, PLUS I got to do it all from my home studio.

But it didn’t happen overnight.

In fact, the first few years were tough as I struggled to find and keep clients…

I struggled with knowing how to properly charge for my services, and how to manage multiple projects at once, and I quickly realized that my skills of being a great musician weren’t enough to run a business.  

I had to figure this out… I had to come up with a system.

Enter The Home Studio Boss Blueprint!

…which is my exact f
ramework for not only turning your Home Studio into a revenue generating machine, but also makes you an organizational and systems ninja! 

I’ve helped hundreds of students start making money from their home studios, and now I want to help YOU. 

See how "Home Studio Boss
stacks up against free videos, other courses, and even music school!

If you're ready to learn how to produce the EASY way, click the button below to sign up!

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Why seven days? Because that's just the right amount of time for you to dive in, start experiencing those quick wins, and collect a few "a-ha" moments along the way. From the moment you sign up, you'll get instant access to everything the course has to offer. Give it a whirl, and if by day 7 you don't feel like it's making music production a breeze, just shoot an email to my team. We'll refund your investment, no questions asked.