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This course covers everything from getting work in the online markets to setting up your business (pricing, email templates, demo reels, etc). How to find clients, where to find clients, business etiquette, marketing strategies, pricing, and workflow.

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Beatmaking for Songwriters

The only SIMPLIFIED crash course in beatmaking that's geared towards the singer-songwriter.  No "techy talk" guaranteed!

By The End of This Course, You Will Be Able To... 

  Select the right sounds for your productions, no matter
what genre you’re in
  Use reference tracks, so you can model after what’s working in the market 
  Use samples and loops the right way so you avoid sounding like other artists, and avoid copyright strikes
  Program drums, bass, keys, synths, and transitions so your tracks have dynamics
  Use a sample, melody, or chord progression to start a track..even if you don’t play an instrument
  How to quantize, and when to not quantize for a more human feel
  How to master your track so that you beat at a competitive level

No questions asked.  No guilt.  100% money-back guarantee.

I don’t expect you to want a refund, as this course can save and make you thousands and thousands for the rest of your music career. BUT if you do, I will happily send you your money back, no questions asked and no need for apologies. 

Please just keep it within 7 days as my credit card processor doesn’t go for open-ended guarantees.

What People Are Saying:

Thank you for the detailed PDFs. I learned a lot just by studying them.

Kathy N.

YOU knocked it out of the park with this course. SO GREAT I've been glued to my computer today and now Can't stop!

Jacqueline C.