Learn a Step-By-Step Process Of Taking a Song Idea, a “Voice Memo” On Your Phone, and Turning It Into a Fully Produced DEMO.


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Music Production Demystified and Simplified

Growing up I was technologically challenged, to say the least. 

While singing and songwriting was something I felt confident with, learning music production was no swiss picnic for me as I fumbled through learning how to use a computer AND the the DAW (Logic Pro x) at the same time!     

Fortunately I stuck with it, turned it into my career, and developed some pretty solid strategies for producing my songs from the perspective of an artist and songwriter, not an engineer and tech snob. 

I am so happy to finally share these tips and tricks with my fellow aspiring artist producers and songwriters out there!

Learning how to produce your own music can seriously step up your game in the industry.

Being able to record yourself can:

  • Save you money on recording costs and demos
  • Provide supplemental income
  • Build value in  as a co-writer.  Being able to build tracks is essential for the modern songwriting team.
  • Give you the tools to produce for Film/TV
  • Make the music you hear in your head
  • Release the music YOU want whenever YOU want
  • Give you control to your own MASTERS

By the end of the course you will be able to :

  • Arrange and produce your music
  • Track vocals
  • Track guitars
  • Import tracks from other musicians/singers
  • Mix and master your music
  • Get your musical ideas recorded
  • Feel confident showing your demos to song pluggers, publishers, and your friends

Can I really do this online?!

I know, it’s crazy to think that you can learn how to produce your own music online.  I mean, people pay tens of thousands to go to recording school. 

But what you can’t get out of music school is the ability to go back over and over again.  That’s the beauty of online courses.  You can literally go over the material again and again, getting even MORE value than you ever could from a live class.

You will also be invited to join our Produce Like a Boss private FB community group where you can interact with myself,  and your fellow students from all over the world.

Plus, I am constantly updating the course with bonus material and new videos at no additional cost to you.  So as it becomes new and improved, you get even more value for free!

"I went to college for two semesters to learn how to produce and learned more from this course"

Sydney Maxine
Songwriter, Artist

Why Take This Course?

  • Learn from a pro producer with multiple placements, who works directly with music production libraries, licensing companies, corporate clients, labels and artists.
  • Learn from the comfort of your own home.  It’s a good day when you can be productive in jammy pants.
  • Get personal guidance and coaching through the FB community platform--a service that would normally costs hundreds of dollars if you wanted to hire me directly.
  • Get access to the actual stems used in creating a professional demo to learn how to create high quality tracks of your own.

"Kris is engaging and informative as an instructor and leaves no detail behind. I would recommend any producer new to using Logic Pro take this course"

Mallory Trunnell
Crimson Calamity, Artist

What Do You Get In This Course?

All classes are taught in LOGIC PRO X. You will NOT need any 3rd party plugins as I use all LOGIC stock sounds and plugins.


Access to 5 module course :

1.  Orientation

  • Tour of Logic Pro x
  • Setting up preferences & buffering
  • Gain staging-making sure you don’t peak
  • Bouncing

2.  Getting Started

  • Acoustic guitars & arrangement Map
  • Template and Foundation
  • Finishing touches to Template and Foundation

3.  Instrumentation & Vocals

  • Synths
  • Electric Guitars
  • Bells and Whistles
  • Transitions
  • Vocals and Vocal Production

4.   Mixing

  • Mix prep
  • Time to mix
  • Eq & compression
  • Mixing drums
  • Mixing bass
  • Mixing guitars
  • Mixing vocals
  • Final touches & color

5. Mastering

  • Glue your mix together and gain loudness 


  • Outline
  • Worktape & Lyric Sheet
  • Dry Mix tracks
  • IPP (instrument, plugin and purpose)-  This sheet is gold.  It explains not only what the instrument is we’re using, why are we using it and what plugin we use.
  • Mix Plugins Sheet - even though I explain everything I’m using, and you can watch it, you also have this as a guide to refer to.
  • EQ Guide- great starting point if you’re brand new to EQ.
  • Access to private FB community - for Produce Like a Boss members only. 

Is this course for me?

This approach to music production is a breath of fresh air if you’re completely at a loss for where to start, or how to get your ideas out. 

This is not your ‘techy’ audio snob, gear slut, or holier than though approach to teaching music production.  You won’t get bamboozled with information you don’t need, just the facts you need to make music and get results fast. 

NOTE:  If you’re brand new to music production, you will have to put in the work.  While the process can be simplified, it is not easy.  If it was, everybody would do it.  But I promise if you put in the time and do the work, use the worksheets, and watch the videos over and over you will be grow your strengths as a producer exponentially in a RAPID amount of time.

If you’ve dabbled in music production, but still not quite sure how to find your voice as a producer, this will help you to clarify where you’re going with your music and go deeper into the “why”.

NOTE:  If you’ve never written a song, or have zero to little knowledge about music theory, this course may not be for you. 

Most importantly, this course if FUN.  I love to be free and goofy, my cats make a couple cameo appearances, and you get to see me play some wicked air drums.  ;)

Yes, I want to learn HOW to produce!

Jesse Dozzi

Check out what Jesse from #1 Australian Country Music Chart topping band DOZZI has to say about this course...


What Does the Course Cost and How do You Get Into the Course?

Just click the get instant access button below.

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The course is $397

That is less the cost of what it takes to hire somebody to do a demo for you.--Demos usually start around $500-600 dollars.

If you know you want to do this, act fast!  The course is only available for about a week and then registration closes.

NOTE:  I’m not sure when I’ll be offering the course again since the coaching and community takes up a lot of time -on top of the production work I do, so if you miss it this time around, you may have to wait a while.


No questions asked, no guilt, 100 % money back guarantee.

I don’t expect you to want a refund, as this course can save and make you thousands and thousands for the rest of your music career. BUT if you do, I will happily send you your money back, no questions asked and no need for apologies. 

Please just keep it within 2 weeks as my credit card processor doesn’t go for open ended guarantees.


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