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Learn How to Mix Your Music the Easy Way 

without getting bogged down in techno-babble  

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Hello fellow musician and budding producer! 💪🏻

Looking to simplify the mixing process? 


My Mixing Made Easy E-book is designed for non-techy singer-songwriters who produce their own music from their home studio. 


With a simplified approach, this guide breaks down the basics of mixing and teaches you how to produce high-quality music without getting bogged down in complicated software or confusing technical jargon. 


The easy-to-follow instructions and fun approach make it simple for anyone to learn how to mix their tracks like a pro. 


Best of all, you don't need any previous experience in music production or a degree in audio engineering to understand the lingo. 


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Music production that’s as simple as breathing... 😌

Hi, I’m Kris Bradley! 🙋🏻‍♀️ 

I’m what they call an “entre-producer”.  

I record tracks professionally, both as a singer and producer, all from my home studio, and I even get paid for most of my work.

It’s literally the coolest job in the world because I get to make cool sounds, serve other clients around the world, and most days I don’t even put on real pants #studiolife #whoneedspantsanyway  

But what really lights me up these days is showing my fellow musicians how they too can easily produce their own music – if somebody would just remove all the dang techno-babble (complicated tech talk), which is literally 


This is for you if you’re...

👉🏻 Tired of spending time, money and energy on hiring producers to mix and master your music only to end up disappointed by the end result.

👉🏻 Feeling frustrated with your “non-tech-saviness” (yes, I make up words like non-tech-saviness 😉) and knowledge gaps with recording tech.

👉🏻 Feeling overwhelmed trying to find all the information on how to produce your own music and unsure where to even start.

👉🏻 Struggling with perfectionism and getting your track to sound radio ready.

👉🏻 Looking to save thousands of dollars on music school and get results FASTER

I’ve helped thousands of students start producing their own music, and now I want to help YOU!

If you want…

The creative freedom to create, mix and release your music on your own terms

To save money on expensive producers and mix engineers

To learn how to mix without all the complicated tech jargon

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