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What I'm Doing Now

6-figure musician female producer how to be a successful producer Jan 18, 2023

It’s funny how life is cyclical.

Over the last couple of years, a lot of people have been asking me things like..

  • Krishow did you actually BUILD the BRAND Produce Like a Boss?
  • How does it look like you're everywhere all the time?
  • Do you even sleep?


I remember just a few years before that, when I was cranking songs out from my home studio and making 5 figures a month, and all of my musician friends started to ask me similar questions…

  • Kris, how did you make money as a producer?!
  • How do you produce so much music so fast?
  • Do you even sleep?

(I’m starting to notice a pattern here, and I'm HERE for it.)

And so as you know, that’s why I built From Voice Memo 2 Demo, then Write Like a Boss, Beatmaking for Songwriters, and Home Studio Boss.  All of those programs perfectly outlined my journey from struggling songwriter to pro producer.

After just a couple years of making those programs, Produce Like a Boss grew into an
empire full of some of my favorite humans in the world, and my main focus became being a CEO - which I absolutely fell in love with! 

And yes, I still get the question…
“but Kris, don’t you make music anymore?” 

But the truth is I’m so much more than a musician.  I’m a creator. 

I create music.

I create courses.

I create podcasts.

I create books (coming soon!)

So, in the words of Lizzo…

It’s about damn time I start talking about
what I’m doing now. 

  • Right now I’m growing my business.
  • I’m building a NEW business coaching creative entrepreneurs.

  • I’m manifesting and journaling everyday.
  • I’m making meditations for my community.
  • I’m training and leading a team of badass humans. (go team P.LAB 🥳)
  • I’m planning more LIVE events with more personal time with ME.
  • I’m allowing myself to take MESSY action instead of letting perfectionism paralyze me.
  • I’m working on my personal growth.
  • I’m manifesting plans to travel to Europe
  • I’m leaving relationships that no longer serve me.
  • I’m stepping into the 2.0 version of me that’s ready to burst out of her cocoon like a damn butterfly 🦋 and saying YES to my soul's purpose

But most importantly…

So what does this alllll mean?

It means Produce Like a Boss will continue to serve musicians, helping you scale to 6 figures using a simple home studio. Our VIP program has helped TONS of musicians start generating 6 figures from their home studios, and we’re just getting started.

also means Kris Bradley is stepping into the ring to start teaching again, but this time, it’s online business, and there’s a lot more ME teaching LIVE. 

I’m going to be teaching exactly what it took to build a 7 figure empire to those who are interested in learning.

There will be a podcast.

There will be a youtube.

There will be courses.

There will be an empire.

That’s right, your favorite serial course creator is RETURNING in 2023, and I cannot wait to share everything I’ve learned with you. 🤩

Now, here’s the thing.

I know a lot of you followed me specifically for music, and I totally respect and honor that.

So if you’re not interested in learning about how I built a 7 figure empire, then no worries at all, you don't have to follow that part of my content.

for my 1% crazy.

For my ambitious creators.

My driven dreamers.

My course creators.

My entrepreneurs.

My teachers.

My healers.

My coaches.

My speakers.

My authors.

My artists.

I’m inviting you to join me on this new chapter in my journey.

It’s always an honor to teach and serve from my unique experience, and I cannot wait to help entrepreneurs build their magnetic brands online.

Keep your eyes peeled for updates soon.  

To Becoming a Wildly Successful Creator ✨,


P.S.  I made my first meditation for creators to help you manifest, get into flow, and become profitable artists.  You can download that here. 👇