Do THIS Before You Submit Your Music for Placement for Film & TV

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Check out this video of us producing a sync ready track in 1 hour!

While a lot of talented people want to get their music into Film & TV, believe it or not, a lot of them are wasting their time! 🥺

What often happens is they invest in a course that teaches them how to get their music into film/tv or they spend a whole lot of time and effort trying to get a library to return their emails or a music supervisor to listen to their ONE song.

Here’s the thing though.  It takes so much more than ONE song, or heck, even FIVE songs, to truly break into the exciting world of SYNC. This is a career, and it takes an investment of time as well as a LARGE catalog to break into the biz.

To make the most of the sync opportunities out there, you’ll have a much better chance at that if you produce your own music (and can make necessary edits requested by the client).  At bare minimum, you should at least be able to record yourself to a degree that enables you to collaborate comfortably with people who can produce.  This makes you a more valuable collaborator and allows you to work remotely with producers from all over the world!

The point is, you MUST start building a catalog, because the most important question in all of this is:

If you don’t have a catalog of high quality music that’s ready to place in media, how can you expect to get your own music into film & tv?

Now, you might have the budget to pay a producer for every recording you ever make, and if that’s the case, GREAT!  But the next question to ask yourself is, “Do I have complete control of these masters?”  For example, if the client turns around and asks you for a “vocal with drums and guitar only” version, can you quickly turn that around for them?  Or how about a 30 second version? Or a 60 second version?  If you’re scratching your head right now wondering HOW you’d even get those things, you’re at a disadvantage to the plethora of self recording artist-producers who DO control their masters and CAN deliver these files to their client.

If you’re spongin’ what I’m spillin’, you know what I’m getting at. 

You must learn how to record yourself if you really want to break into this industry.  Having a home studio is no longer a luxury, it’s a necessity.

Now, before you start freaking out, I’m not saying you have to spend ten thousand hours becoming the next “Prince” (one of the greatest multi-instrumentalist artist producers of our time!).  Hear me out…

You don’t have to be a virtuoso producer who understands the science of sound,  has a 100,000 studio with vintage analogue gear,  or who has gold records hanging from the wall in their Nashville studio in order to start gaining opportunities with your music.

In fact, lots of songs that get placed are SUPER simple, and only have a few elements in them.  I’m talking simple hip hop beats (with no tricky mixing techniques, or loads of automations) and even simple stripped down guitar or piano vocal tracks.

It doesn’t mean you don’t have to be a good producer, but you certainly don’t have to be the most technologically advanced  studio wizz! 😅

What you do need though is to be able to make high quality sounding records.  Which you can now do from the comfort of your home, with a laptop, and just a few pieces of affordable gear.

The truth is, the only thing that matters is “does it sound good?”

So what do ya think?  Are you ready to learn HOW to produce your own music so you can create sync ready songs? 

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