How This Student Made $15,000 From His Home Studio in 3 Months

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kris bradley

Patrick Clark has been a working musician for nearly a decade. He used to make his living performing at bars, restaurants, weddings etc. On average, he would perform close to 200 shows a year and earn about $30,000 doing so. 

When the pandemic hit, he, like many musicians, lost almost all of his income and he realized he was going to have to diversify his income streams. This also just so happened to be when he discovered Produce Like A Boss and started developing his production chops. 

Patrick spent the last couple of years dipping his toe into music production but recently took the plunge and went all in. He just graduated from our Home Studio Boss VIP program in August and...

That's not including the income he generated from live performances, royalties, and the various other income streams from his music career. That is pure Home Studio Boss Profit!

Patrick is such an advocate for the systems we teach that he has actually joined our team here at P.LAB. Whenever he's asked why he works for the company when he is already generating six figures with his music career, he just replies, 

If you want to learn the exact tools that Patrick used to scale his home studio in a money making machine, click the button below to book a call and find out how Product Like a Boss can help.